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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Time Inc. Thinks You're an Idiot. Are You?

Time Magazine has posted an article on the situation in Ukraine 4 Reasons Putin Is Already Losing in Ukraine. First thing: A publication with the longevity and reputation such as Time ought NEVER, EVER post an "X things why" article. That shit belongs in tabloids and other pop culture, IQ lowering publications. Anyway lets looks at the list:
At home, this intervention looks to be one of the most unpopular decisions Putin has ever made. The Kremlin’s own pollster released a survey on Monday that showed 73% of Russians reject it. In phrasing its question posed in early February to 1,600 respondents across the country, the state-funded sociologists at WCIOM were clearly trying to get as much support for the intervention as possible: “Should Russia react to the overthrow of the legally elected authorities in Ukraine?” they asked. Only 15% said yes — hardly a national consensus.
What is this? What. Is. This?

Of course the citizens of Russia reject the notion of overthrowing the legally elected authorities in Ukraine. Of course since what we just witnessed in Ukraine was a coup, the current "authorities" in that country are not the "legal authorities". Small and minor detail I'm sure. I'm sure they learned the meaning of the word coup from the same school that the NY times did.

That seems astounding in light of all the brainwashing Russians have faced on the issue of Ukraine. For weeks, the Kremlin’s effective monopoly on television news has been sounding the alarm over Ukraine. Its revolution, they claimed, is the result of an American alliance with Nazis intended to weaken Russia.
This is brainwashing? Time REALLY thinks you're an idiot. If the Kremlin has been sounding alarms about an impending coup in Ukraine and it happens. How is that "brainwashing"? Seriously, explain that to me. Since we have Victoria Nuland ON VIDEO claiming how the US has spent $5 billion or so on "opposition parties" which include [neo] nazis; how is that "brainwashing"?

The real question here is WHO is trying to brainwash who? Are you an idiot?

The blatant misinformation and demagoguery on Russian television coverage of Ukraine seems to have pushed Russians to go online for their information.
Seriously? Someone at Time Inc. thought that this was actually acceptable journalism? I have a whole slew of posts that shows that John Kerry, Obama, the NY Times and now Time Magazine are in fact the purveyors of actual misinformation and demagoguery.

Again. Time thinks you are an idiot. Are you an idiot?

The economic impact on Russia is already staggering. When markets opened on Monday morning, investors got their first chance to react to the Russian intervention in Ukraine over the weekend, and as a result, the key Russian stock indexes tanked by more than 10%.
This is called economic warfare. Look it up. Prepare to see more of it. Ukraine is in such dire straights and as far as I know has no businesses that would have a significant impact on any fortune 100, 500 or 100 company. Ukraine could disappear as a country tomorrow and very, very few people outside the country would see any change in their ability to make a lot of money.

Are you an idiot?

Even Russia’s closest allies want no part of this. The oil-rich state of Kazakhstan, the most important member of every regional alliance Russia has going in the former Soviet space, put out a damning statement on Monday, marking the first time its leaders have ever turned against Russia on such a major strategic issue: “Kazakhstan expresses deep concern over the developments in Ukraine,” the Foreign Ministry said. “Kazakhstan calls on all sides to stop the use of force in the resolution of this situation.”
What the Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry said is dead on and the desire of any sane observer of this situation. That includes Russia who I must remind the idiots at Time, removed themselves from Ossetia when the threat there was over.*ahem*

Are you an idiot?

As I've said before, the US based media has shown itself to be totally inept during the events in Ukraine. I have yet to read a single factual and unbiased article on the subject from any large mainstream publication or video news [sic] outlet. It makes it a joke when these so called news [sic] outlets talk about "state controlled media" of other countries when these same news [sic] organizations engage in the same misinformation they claim to be free of.

Shame on Time Inc. for posting that bullshit. They need to get the uneducated, misinformed tabloid writers off their staff and pay some real journalists and scholars to write for them.