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Monday, July 27, 2009

Skip Gates: The Ivy League Is Not Real Life

This Week in Blackness nails Gates proper:

He didn’t resent being identitified as Black; he resented being identified as that kind of Black, the kind of Black that can be hassled and pushed around by simpleton cops. How dare you hassle me? I’m Skip Gates: Harvard professor!

Skip has fallen victim to the Ivy League Effect. Check out his articles–you can definitely go to The Root–the website he is Editor-in-Chief of–if you want to see a repository for the whole masturbatory display. He all but says, “Do I look like that type of (Black) person? I was wearing a blazer and a polo shirt!” Gates is Ivy League pissed with a dash of Black anger. Not the other way around. Is this to say the police weren’t in the wrong? Hardly. As a person is familiar with the Cambridge/Boston PD, the prospect of some procedural malfeasance on their part is entirely believable if not an abject certainty.

Yes, I called Gates on that early on when he made the remark about not being some militant nationalist. A sentiment he's repeated. Then we have his "He should watch my PBS special and the comment about what he can teach Crowley. Him Him Him. Sounds like Agent Smith from the Matrix. I bet Gates has no clue who Wise Intelligent is and certainly has no clue what happened to him. Yeah. This Week in Blackness nails Gates proper.