Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Monday, July 06, 2009


Funny how people changed their twitter icons to green for alleged election fraud in Iran, but apparently have ad little if anything to say about Honduras. There's even a Boxee app "where is their vote" up, but yet to be seen is the "Where is their president" app. I won't hold my breath. A nice piece in Counterpunch in regards to our neighbor to the south:

The faithful media sows the seeds: in both Venezuela 2002 and Honduras 2009, the national and international media prepared the ground for an eventual coup by distorting the truth and calling into question the democratic credentials of the president. In Honduras, this has taken the form of misrepresenting Zelaya’s constitutional proposal as a re-election bid, a line which was and continues to be shamelessly pushed in the media, when the referendum question had nothing to do with re-election at all, but was instead a completely legal mandate to transforming the existing constitution (itself a holdover from the far-right governments of the 1980s). Some nominally of the left repeated this tasty morsel of misinformation, while Fox News’ Shep Smith argued today that not only had Zelaya sought to extend his term, but to do so would have been “treasonous” (an interesting perspective on constitutional amendments, to say the least).