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Monday, July 27, 2009

911 tapes from the Gates incident

First we have Whalen's 911 call. She never claimed that there were two black men at the door. She did say that there was one large male and that she did not see the other male. Also it wasn't her that noticed the alleged B&E but rather another woman who alerted her. She indicated that she saw suitcases and not backpacks and that the men may live or work at the residence. We do not know the ID of the woman who initially saw Gates "Break into" his home but it appears from Whalen's call that the woman was there for some time observing the possible B&E.

When we listen to the recording of dispatchers and Crowley we hear Gates in the background clearly annoyed and at one point saying "I want..!" His full statements cannot be heard because they only can be heard when Crowley is radioing in. It is clear from the tape though that whatever transpired in the house started early into the incident. From the time Crowley radios that he is coming to the time they are calling in "The Wagon." is 4 min 38 Seconds. That's not a long time. In fact Crowley does not get to the residence until a minute in.

From the radio call, Gates was clearly making noise prior to Crowley having asked the dispatch to verify a "Henry Louis Gates." Not 30 seconds into the arrival at the home of Gates and he's apparently laying into officer Crowley. 30 seconds (2:50 left) and Crowley has already radioed that "the gentleman" is being uncooperative. Note that he clearly has not had the time to get or confirm the ID of Gates. 15 seconds later Crowley asks for Harvard police. 30 Seconds later we can hear Gates still going at it and it's the first time we hear the officer ask to confirm Gates ID (time 2:15).

Gates may have had "bronchitis" but he clearly had no problem raising his voice. In the last minute after asking for confirmation of Gates ID, we have radio silence from Crowley. This must be where He and Gates get into whatever verbal altercation. This also confirms Crowley's report where he claimed to try to leave the residence because he was having difficulty communicating over the radio due to Gates behavior and the "acoustics" of the hallway.

I think these tapes resuscitates the reputation of Whalen while casting doubt on the motives of the unnamed woman whom initially saw Gates.

Oh and apparently what police call a man with a PhD (at least in this instance) is "gentleman."


Various news outlets are trying to get the Cambridge police to comment on why the police report says that the caller identified 2 black men when the 911 call clearly shows that she made no such claim. If you go back to the police report you'll note that Crowley reports that the witness called to him as he walked up the steps to the home. He states:

She went on to tell me that she observed what appeared to be two black males with backpacks on the porch of [redacted] Ware street

So that would explain why on the 911 call why we don't hear Whalen describing the race of the men as "black." So either Whalen (or her unidentified co-witness) made up their minds that the "burglar" was black or Crowley having possibly seen into the house (he reported that he could see clearly into the foyer) made the "black males" up. If it was the latter, then claims of profiling can possibly be leveled at Crowley at this point since Gates could "easily" be "mistook" for "Hispanic" which was what Whalen guessed and what we hear between dispatch and Crowley.