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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What An Ass
(Warning: This post contains many uses of the word "ASS" this may not be suitable for children, sensitive adults or other asses)

This post is to deal with people who are simply being asses. First up is Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who stated:

'Today, they have created a myth in the name of Holocaust and consider it to be above God, religion and the prophets,'' Ahmadinejad told thousands of people in Zahedan. ''If you committed this big crime, then why should the oppressed Palestinian nation pay the price?''

''This is our proposal: If you committed the crime, then give a part of your own land in Europe, the United States, Canada or Alaska to them so that the Jews can establish their country,''

Now he's an ass for three reasons:
a) It is a known fact that the Nazi Holocaust happened. Therefore saying it doesn't and using racist holocaust deniers to "prove" the point, makes him an ass.

b) even if you are dumb enough to actually believe that the Holocaust did not occur, as a president of a nation and therefore a leader on the world stage, who has a risk of open warfare with the US and others due to nuclear issues, it is STOOOOPID to make such a comment slip from the mouth. That makes him a double ass.

c) His statement on where Israel is located is valid. I agree that if the Arabs were not under the heel of colonization and were better armed and organized there was no way that the State of Isreal would exist in Palestiine. He is absolutely correct to point out that the Palestinians are paying the cost for the acts of Germany. However; since he went and denied the Nazi Holocaust actually occured, he managed to take attention away from his valid point and place it squarely on the indefensible idea that the Nazi Holocaust never happened.

If this is representative of the best Iranian leadership, then Iran is in for trouble.

Ass #2: Rev. Jesse Peterson.

The Christian Broadcast Network, The one lead by Pat Robertson who is on record calling for the assasination of Hugo Chavez, posted an interview with the Rev. Jesse Peterson. Rev. Jesse Lee, the author of a book entitled Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America., shows how little self respect he has as a black man and as an individual by even allowing himself to be interviewed by a person who advocates the murder of a duely elected head of state. That alone quaifies him as an ass. But it gets worse.

Rev Peterson was on air to discuss Kwanzaa and the "threat" it poses to the "true" meaning of Christmas. I would think that if one wanted to discuss Kwanzaa then one would at least attempt to get Maulana Karenga on the show (though he probably has too much self respect to do such a thing). No instead Pat Robertson leads with:

Well, ladies and gentlemen, when I first heard about Kwanzaa—I’ve been to Africa many, many, many times, in a number of countries, and I had never heard of Kwanzaa. And it turns out, there’s not one African country that has ever celebrated anything called Kwanzaa. So we began to explore where it came from. Well, today we’re going to tell you

So first we have Mr. White-Man-Authority-On-All-Things-African telling us what he "knows" about African culture. And though he claims to be about to give information about Kwanzaa, there is not one thing in the entire interview that actually discusses Kwanzaa. Rather the entire interview is about Rev. Peterson's personal issues with Maulana Karenga. I mean if that was to be the point of the interview why not name it appropriately? Anyways, having failed to find anyone familiar with Kwanzaa, Rev. Peterson plays token pet Negro and begins his spiel against Karenga:

I’ve debated Ron Karenga. The socialist, Marxist, black racist, now professor at Cal State, Long Beach, here in Los Angeles, created this holiday because of his hatred toward Christianity and Jews. And Ron said that part of his motivation was his dislike and that he was going to create this holiday during the Christmas season, because that’s when most people were celebrating. And the reason that he called it an African holiday, because he felt that if he didn’t, that most black people would not celebrate the holiday. And our purpose today is to get the message out that it’s ‘Merry Christmas’ and not ‘Happy Kwanzaa.’

Indeed anyone familiar with Kwanzaa knows that it was picked to happen around Christmas because of the number of celebrations that happen at this time. Dr. Karenga was also no doubt familiar with the actual reason why the birth of the "sun" of God was celebrated on Dec 25. This reason being that the week of Dec 25 is the the week where the amount of daylight begins to increase ( by about a minute or so). just about every ancient civilization knew this and Karenga was familiar with this information. Unfortunately to those who's minds have been captured by these fools, they know less than people who lived 0ver 4000 years ago.

Secondly, Kwanzaa does not begin until after Christmas. Therefore, claims that it is a substitute for Christmas is unfounded. Lastly It is called an African Holiday not because any specific African people celebrate (or celebrated) Kwanzaa, but because it is based on an amalgam of African cultural practices and and an African language. Hence at Peterson's opening statement he already proves himself wholly incapable of intelligent conversation on the subject at hand. And yet and still people are being exposed to him. Of course the conversation goes further into the realm of personal attack. Says Peterson:

Well, before then he was a felon. He went to prison for four years for torturing a couple women who followed him back in the 60s. He was the head of a Marxist organization called United Slavery Organization back in the 60s, along with the Black Panthers. But the issue is that, during those days, this man was so radical, and his organization was so violent against white Americans, against America, against what was right, that even the Black Panthers didn’t get along with the United Slave Organization. They were headed up at UCLA for a while there. They were fighting over the black study program. They wanted to start a black study program back in the 60s. So they fought with the Black Panther organization for the black study program. And they ended up murdering one another, and he ended up in jail. He’s now a felon and a professor at the university, Cal State Northridge, Long Beach.

To those who do not know Ron Karenga went to Jail. So did Malcolm X. Anyway. Peterson Apparently was confused as to the name of Karenga's organization; United Slaves. Peterson claims that US was violent against white Americans, yet can offer no proof or example of said violence. Anyone familiar with the era knows full well that the violence that occured by the BPP and US were, unfortunately, between each other and that violence concerning "white Americans" were those comeing from white Americans at the hands of thier police. But such facts are apparently beyond the grasp of Rev. Peterson.

Of course Robertson goes on to have Peterson explain in some details the torture charge against Karenga, conluding:

Well now, should Christians have anything to do with that?

PETERSON: Absolutely no. And as a matter of fact, according to the seven principles of Kwanzaa, whites are not allowed, Jews are not allowed. It’s a socialist idea. There is no mention of God. And when you read those seven principles, as you can read them in my book, Scam, there is no mention of God. And there is a flag that they pledge allegiance to, the red, black and green flag, and this flag is about shedding blood. Ron said that black people shed blood in this county, they lost their land, and in order to regain the land, they’re going to have to shed more blood. And so it’s a violent idea. It’s a separatist idea. And I could guarantee, Mr. Robertson, if a white man had come up with the same idea, and it was called European whatever, America would be up in arms about it. But because this man is black, he is allowed to get away with this racist, godless holiday.

I see, If a person has been involved in torture and murder then any kind of ideology they expouse ought not to be followed. I can get with that. In fact I have gotten with that. I am no longer a Christian. Since Christians were directly responsible for my being here and for slavery, murder, torture and all kinds of criminal and morally reprehencible acts, There is no reason for any sane black person to even give the religion a second thought. Who cares if the religion has some good points to it right? If the adherents show themselves to be totally unchanged by it's philosophy, then no need to follow. Thanks Mr. Robertson!

Peterson however, is the typical negro "NO whites allowed!! Massa can't come? I can't be without Massa!!" I won't even go into the clear non-knowledge of the Red Black and Green.

Peterson is bent out of shape over the fact that "God" is not mentioned in the Nguzu Saba (Seven Principles). Well since Karenga states outright that Kwanzaa is not a religious holiday, why does that surprise Peterson? And since it does not mention "God" then how would it be a threat to Christmas since those that feel a need to observe the birth of thier "Christ" can still do so unmolested by Kwanzaa?

And since Kwanzaa is also about Black cultural redemption and since Rev. Peterson is not interested in that, I suggest that he be officialy banned from Kwanzaa celebrations. then he can't complain about it being racist, since he and his black behind can't come either.

Peterson then goes on a diatribe, and still does not actually discuss Kwanzaa:

There is a double standard in America today, and that double standard is liberal, godless black folks are allowed to do and say what they want. And white folks are afraid of being called a racist. And I was disgusted when Bill Clinton did it but was not surprised. But when our great President Bush, a man that I believe God has given us so that we can turn this country around, when he celebrated this holiday, my heart was broken. Because black folks, not all, not all, not all, but most black people are already suffering because of too much government, corrupt black leaders, and most corrupt black preachers. Their family is destroyed. The order of God is destroyed. And for President Bush to proclaim Kwanzaa a holiday that we should recognize, it’s evil, for the lack of a better word. He’s promoting evil.

Liberal godless black folks. Wow. What an ass. It only the humanity and tolerance of black folks why Rev. Peterson can even get away with these comments. I hear that in Iraqm, such insults result in car bombings and other painfull deaths. No, in America, Peterson is free to insult millions of people on TV and no one really care that much. Of course he doesn't really value this freedom so he has this little rant. Bill Clinton and George Bush did what any leader of a diverse "democratic" country is supposed to do: recognize that there are people with different values and customs and acknowledged them. Of course Peterson would rather we 'godless' liberals" would just go somewhere and die. We're evil. We don't support killing Iraqis or occupying a country. Nor do we support lying. But we're evil.

Yes. Peterson is an ass. An ass, being interviewed by another ass. They are having a big ass party over an CNB.

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