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Monday, December 12, 2005

Bill Cosby Revisted

As any regular here knows. I have defended 99% of what Bill Cosby said in May 2004 with the exception of the name comments. My objection to the name issue was based on the incomplete reporting that i had access too. Even though my information was incomplete I was still able to come to a far better and factual analysis of brother Bill than many of my peers to the left.

Yesterday I found a pamphlet entitled 'Don't Mess With Bill"that had the entire May 2004 speech and so I read it. I now must retract my disagreement with Dr. Cosby on the name issue. It appears that on that issue I too fell for the okey doke. Below is the exact comment Dr. Cosby made about names:

...With names like Shaniqua, Shaligua, Mohammed and all that crap and all them are in jail. (When we give these kids of names to our children, we give them the strength and inspiration in the meaning of those names. What's the point of giving them strong names if there is not parenting and values backing it up?)

So there you have it. Mr. Cosby was made out to be villifying certain names when in fact he was not. While I don't care for the "We are not Africans" comment that he made. It is clear that his words were distorted by the media AND many "progressive" black writers fell for it, hook, line and sinker.


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