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Thursday, December 15, 2005

3rd year

Garvey'Ghost is going into it's third year of posts and I wanted to thank all the people who have been reading this blog (not commenting much, but reading cause I do get e-mails). For year three
I have decided to do some things differently:

1) change of site design: Yes no more shades of green for the background. I'll probably make more changes.
2) this was supposed to be commentary on world events and not world events via American press. I fell into focusing too much on what was going on in the US, which was not the intention of this blog but happened anyway. this was most likely the result of the US presidential elections as well as the ongoing war in Iraq. so from now on the blog will shift it's attention to more african and other black entities outside of the US. that is far more in keeping of the spirit of Marcus Garvey. To that end one of the new links on the sidebar is "The Timbuku Chronicles" which has a very good set of posts about technology, education and business in Africa.

3) Link backs: I've been a pretty bad citizen in this regard. Therefore if someone has a permanent link to Garvey's Ghost I will reciprocate. This is not just for exposure but also to be consistent with the founding idea of Garvey's Ghost, which is to make sure that intelligent Pan-Africanist ideology is available on the web. anyone else who has the same idea ought to be recognized by GG and vice versa. If we don't organize ourselves and our voices we will cede the floor to sellouts.

4) The Olatunji Foundation: this is an educational foundation started by yours truely. I will be asking for donations to it. it's entire purpose is to provide financial and moral support to Pan-Africanist minded students. This is a group effort. We cannot simply talk about the changes we want to see. We cannot simply write about what we want to change. we cannot simply complain about black conservatives. We cannot simply go about our personal business. We must provide for the next generation(s).

What won't change is the type of commentary. I will not post simple links to other events. There are other blogs that do that pretty well. This blog is about commentary on events and source for detailed factual rebuttal to falsehoods presented by other people.

Again. Thanks for your support and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

-Garvey's Ghost.

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