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Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Party of Lincoln

The newest tack that Repulicans have been using to win over the blacks who don't qualify for faith based monies is to sell the party as the Party of the Great Emancipator. That is probably a good tactic given the general affection that Black people have for President Lincoln. The problem with the whole "Great Emancipator" line is that while technically true, it is but a abberation of the general attitude that President Lincoln had about black folk. This isn't news to me, but I'm sure it comes to news to many people that President Lincoln did not like Black people. The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education published an article entitled:The Racial Convictions of the Great Emancipator where Michael Lind quotes Alex De Tocqueville:

In the United States people abolish slavery for the sake not of the Negroes but the white men

Let us be clear that the black mouthpieces of the Republican Party, such as Armstrong Williams, are doing little for the benefit of black people as a whole, but rather they act in a manner that only enriches other white men (and a few (b)lackeys). So it was in the 1800's and so it is now. Many people have the impression that President Lincoln opposed slavery and therefore signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Slavery was abolished by Lincoln because it was a means to deprive the South of stabilty.

Michael Lind tells us first of how the Republican Party was formed from a group of dissafected Democrats PO'ed by the repeal of the Missouri Compromise (allowed Maine to become a state at the Missouri adopts a constitution that has no slavery restrictions)by the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

Lincoln had joined the Republican Party which along with abolitionists had a Free-Soiler contingent that believed:

The purpose of preventing the extension of slavery to the territories was to keep the West white. Banning slavery from the territories and teh new free states to be formed from them was an auxiliary precaution against white migration, supplementing the state laws against free black migration that had existed for years or decades. As long as slavery was confined to the South, most blacks would remain confined to the South as well, because most black Americans were slaves

Said Lincoln:

"Is it not rather our duty to make labor more respectable by preventing all black competition, especially in the territories?"

"Negro equality will be abundant, as evbery white laborer will have occasion to regret when he is elbowed from his plow or his anvil by slave niggers."

"The whole nation is interested that the best use shall be made of these territories. We want then to be homes of free white people. This they may not be, to any considerable extent, if slavery shall be planted within' them."

"All the unoccupied territory...shall be reserved for the benefit of the white Caucasian race --- A thing which cannot be except by the exclusion of slavery."

These are but a smattering of the comments attributed to Lincoln. There are more vile things in the history of Lincoln's contemporary Republicans. Therefore to the thinking man and woman, the use of Lincoln as a draw to the Republican Party is like the smell of burning tar. This isn't an endorsement of the Democratic Party but rather a head's up to those that want to know.

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