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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Black Commentator Subscription Service

The Black Commentator, linked at the right, is now offering paid subscription service for their website. While I have my occasional differences with the authors at the site, I do agree with most of what shows up there and I have said that I would pay for access to the site should that become neccessary. True to my word, I have subscribed since I believe that the Black Commentator is valuable asset to Pan-Africanists specifically as it regards the US situation. Just as I have founded the Olatunji Foundation in order to highlight the reality that we Pro-Black, Pan-Afrikanist people must put our monies where our mouths and blogs are, I encourage all readers to also subscribe to the Black Commentator. It takes a lot of time to put together a website of commentary. It can easily be a full time job. If they had to spell and grammar check my writing, then they would have no time for thier families.

So go visit the Black Commentator and support them.

The Black Commentator
The Olatunji Foundation

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