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Monday, January 26, 2004

Revenge Of The Justices...maybe
I just read in the NY Times about a part of the Patriot Act being ruled unconstitutional. This particular piece references a portion of the Patriot Act that forbade "expert advice or assistance" to groups designated by the US government as terrorists or a terrorist organization. I suspect, however flawed my basis may be, that the recent judical oversite pushed by congress, which pissed off much of the judiciary, is coming now to bite the Bush administration in the arse. What better way to get back at Bush than to legally pick apart his pet legislation? Either way, the ruling is correct and I hope to see more of the Patriot Act tossed out. This should make for some interesting debates now that Dean can probably hit Kerry for voting for something (if he did) that was found to be unconsitutional and was said to be so before it was pushed through congress.


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