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Monday, January 05, 2004

Of Fear And Scanners

By now you probably know about the scanners that are in place at airports in the US. Basically, if you are from one of the countries NOT on the 28 approved nations, you will have your fingerprint and picture taken. New times demand new things some say. Well sure, if that is how you choose to live. It is amusing, in a sick kind of way, to see just what Americans will put up with in order to allow large corporations and thier governmental syncophants to continue to piss on and piss off people in other countries. it won't be too long until those people in the 28 approved countries and of course domestics are included in the grand police profiling scheme. Used to be that it was un-American to take the prints of any person that was not formally charged with a crime. And how long until the "lists" are used against people with "unpopular' political views. They could be harrassed each time they try to travel. Oh I forgot, that has already occured. You would think that people, after being clearly lied to about WMD would start to make a real fuss. You'd think that after the capture of the biggest straw man on the planet, resulted in higher terrorist threat warnings, that people would get the picture. But I guess I give people way to much credit. I wonder how much the scanners are costing the tax payers and whether the database is from Oracle or Sybase.


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