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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

David Kay, Fall Guy

The NY Times has an article with more David kay talking about the intelligence on "pre-war" Iraq being wrong.


"I had innumerable analysts who came to me in apology that the world that we were finding was not the world that they had thought existed and that they had estimated," he said. "And never, not in a single case, was the explanation, `I was pressured to do this.' "

"Almost in a perverse way," he added, "I wish it had been undue influence, because we know how to correct that. We get rid of the people who in fact were exercising that. The fact that it wasn't tells me that we've got a much more fundamental problem of understanding what went wrong."

This strikes me as odd because there hasn't been a peep about this from the president other than his State of The Union speech. I think Kay is going to be the fall guy for the administration. They can say that the person responsible for misinforming the president has been dealt with. Tony Blair also gets his "get out of jail free" card because all he has to claim, as he has been, is that he believed that the information he got was good. If it isn't then he acted in the best interest based on the info he had. Tony Blair has already gotten a pass on the Dr. Kelly scandal.


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