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Sunday, January 11, 2004

The Last Broadcast

On Friday I happened to be in a PC Richard and Son's store when ABC World News Tonight broadcast US military persons in a helicopter gunship killing suspected Iraqi "insurgents." To give you an idea as to what was seen, you should take a look at some of the older sniper video games. All you saw were green images of some Iraqi with what appears to be a shoulder fired RPG. The US military person asks his comanders if he can engage the enemy and recieves the ok to "smoke him." What then happens is a barrage of munition fire that literally blows the green representations of the people to bits. The explanation given was that these persons, if allowed to live would have attempted to kill American soldiers.

In my eye, while this is clearly a "triumph" of technology, it was cowardness at it's highest form and no better than the men who flew the planes into the WTC. There was no means for the "insurgents" to defend themselves. No real fight occured. No what we had is what could easlily be described as a random act of violence made to achieve political ends, or what the US has defined as Terrorism. Everyone who was in the store recognized that. Most of these were white men and women, business people, customers,etc. and they all stopped what they were doing and were not happy with what they saw. This is why you'll probably not see that footage rebroadcast.


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