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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Dumb and Dumber in Nigeria

The BBC has reported that a group in Nigeria is calling itself the Taleban and is attempting to create an Islamic State. If you've been following Nigerian events you'll know that a large portion of Northern Nigerians are Muslim while a large number of Southern Nigerians are Christian and/or practice traditional forms of Yoruba/Igbo/etc religions. One of these idiots took down the Nigerian flag, which I wouldn't mind if they had put up the Red Black and Green; but these fools put up an Afghanistan flag. What is with black folks and taking on other peoples ****? Much of this is Obasanjo's fault though, He should have asserted the Federal Government's authority and put a stop to all Sharia courts when they first popped up. Did Nigeria learn nothing from the Biafran wars? You can't have two different governments in a sovereign nation. How soon we forget that these same Islamists were selling of Africans to the Middle East long before the European Christians took up the job.


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