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Monday, January 19, 2004

Iowa and The Real Dean Deal

I may come to eat this post but I'll post it anyways. Over at the The Bush Wars The regular poster over there, who is from Iowa said that he thought Dean would win with 30% of the vote. The New York Times has reported that Kerry took the 30% vote. With Dean trailing in third place with some 18% of the vote. I suppose that it is true that Iowa is a conservative "breadbasket" state used by Dems and Reps alike to gauge thier appeal among more conservative voters. If this is any omen, it could be that Dean has fallen victim to the one thing he himself foretold: The white male will vote against his interest and for the status quo. Now being Democrats and largely Christian I'm not completely surprised that Lieberman did not register on the scale regeardless of his Republican in Democratic clothing appeal to conservative "Reagan-Democrats."

The analysis is being made that Kerry and Edwards had more broad appeal. That should be read as "less radical" and "less angry." Many Democrats are also voting for who they think are "most electable." That should be read as "has appeal to Republicans." This will of course move the Democratic party further to the Republican right. Why? Well as I said before teh Republicans get into office regeardless of the votes of two large so-called minorites: African-Americans and the various groups referred to as Latinos. The Democratic party largely depends on those aforementioned minorities and whites who have a modicum of affection for those groups. The African-American population is slowly becoming disaffected with the Democratic party and is largely seen by intelligent blacks as the lesser of two evils. Many black youths simply do not have a clue as witnesssed by a recent "Hip Hop" voting drive where one youth after another referenced "the struggle" and how King was a great man. Any specifics? None had. Besides in NY, as I stated earlier the black vote can be trumped by others very easily. I would rather the Hip Hop voter drive, been a history lesson and then let that history drive people to register of their own volition. Doug Banks said the Polls is how your voice is heard. Bullisht!! LL Cool J said if you don't vote you can't complain. I belive Israel complains without a single voice and gets it's billion Dollar response from congress. I think Haliburton has been doing some complaining and having it's voice heard on a regular basis.

Back to Dean though. Maybe when he moves to other states we'll see different results. After all Clinton did about the same when he Caucused. But if Dean continues to fall behind I would not be surprised because as we should know Guns and War is the American way regeardless of political orientation and when a Soldier is in harms way, talking bad about the sitting president will not win much support.


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