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Monday, July 22, 2013

Compare And Contrast

Over the past few months we heard about Trayvon Martins "weed" use that "proved" that he was a thug. In NY black men are stopped on the street and harassed by the police for having marijuana on their person. In fact a man was shot by NYPD for having lit his splif in mid-town. Wherever we look we are told that weed is bad....except...

The 'Marijuana Moms of Beverly Hills' who say taking drugs makes them better parents - See more at:

So not a thug.

Can you just imagine an article featuring black folks peaceably smoking some herb?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Juror B37 Quotes Virginia Black Codes

"He hit him first"
"1669. Act I. If a slave resist his master and by the extremity of the correction, chance to die, his death shall not be a felony, since it cannot be presumed that malice (which alone makes murder a felony) would induce a man to destroy his own estate.
" "Did not appear to have a purpose" "George didn't recognize who he was"
no Negro or slave may...go from his owner’s plantation without a certificate and then only on necessary occasions; the punishment twenty lashes on the bare back, well laid on...And, further, if any Negro lift up his hand against any Christian he shall receive thirty lashes, and if he absent himself or lie out from his master’s service and resist lawful apprehension, he may be killed and this law shall be published every six months. "
A slave shall not go from where he lives without a license of letter showing he has authority from his master.
All meetings of slaves at any meeting house or any other place in the night shall be considered an unlawful assembly, and any justice may issue his warrant to enter the place where the assembly may be for apprehending or dispersing the slaves, and to inflict corporal punishment on the offenders at the discretion of the justice, not exceeding twenty lashes.
1748. Chapter XXXVIII. Section 22. An accidental homicide during correction of a slave still does not make one liable for prosecution or punishment, unless the slave is killed willfully; on a manslaughter verdict, there is no forfeiture or punishment.
I knew that....person's commentary sounded familiar.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Two Points On Juror B37

1) Juror B37 said "It was pouring." YouTube Link of CNN Interview I don't know if the prosecution entered the weather report for that evening into evidence, but I covered that in Trayvon Watch Part 8:
At the time of the confrontation between Zimmerman and Trayvon, ~7:09 PM, Feb 26, 2012, it was slightly raining. What we would call a "light drizzle".

6:53 PM 63.0 °F 60.1 °F 90% 30.30 in 7.0 mi NE 6.9 mph - 0.00 in Rain Light Rain 7:53 PM 63.0 °F 60.1 °F 90% 30.30 in 10.0 mi East 5.8 mph - 0.03in Overcast

It wasn't pouring. It wasn't sleeting, snowing. Nor was there a hurricane blowing through the town. It was lightly raining which means if you're covered you're unlikely to be running (which probably would have made Zimmerman suspicious as well), or in any particular rush to get home (particularly if you're talking to a female on the phone before you get back under parental supervision).

So this juror went on facts that were possibly not in evidence but was incorrect. It was NOT pouring. 2) Juror assumed Trayvon was a criminal:

CNN Interview

Trayvon was suspicious because:

1) "He was cutting through the back" Translation: Niggers can't take short cuts. Niggers must walk in designated pathways only.

2)"It was raining." Translation: Niggers ought not walk in the rain. Niggers can only walk in the rain with a permit.

3) "He was looking in houses": Let me stop here for a minute. I went for my run yesterday evening just after dark. I walked the last quarter mile. I looked into windows of houses and apartments. According to this....person...I should have been considered "suspicious". A test for anyone reading this: Walk down the street in a residential neighborhood and see how long it takes for you to look in the direction of a house.

Anyway. Translation: Niggers must not look anywhere but down at their feet or straight ahead.

4) "Did not appear to have a purpose": Translation: Niggers can't just take a stroll. If niggers don't have a reason for being out and about, then they should expect to be accosted and shot.

5) "George didn't recognize who he was": Translation: Nigger didn't have his ownership papers on hand.

Juror B37

"That Boy"

"Those people"

I told you all that the stated completely FAILED to cast Trayvon as the victim.

No one who thinks of Trayvon as "That boy" is going to grant him the humanity to defend himself against a man that was stalking him.

That Juror B37 completely identified with George Zimmerman about "getting those punks" when not only was there NO crime being committed and no "punks" to go after or apprehend underscores the complete incompetence of the state's attorney's office.

Juror B37 has essentially admitted that she believes that any black male walking in a neighborhood is one of "those people" who rob and therefore should be subject to random white citizens stalking and random questioning.

And as to her commentary about Jeantel. Get a clue miss: The biggest liars on the planet can read and write cursive AND speak English very well. But I suppose so long as those persons are not one of "those people" they can remain "credible".

Not racial my ass. How dare "that boy" raise his hand to a good white citizen? Used to be: How dare "that nigger" raise his hand to a good white citizen!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Trayvon Martin Watch: Sean Bell Verdict II

I learned a very hard lesson when I followed the Sean Bell trial: Understand the law.

It seemed obvious to me at the time that Sean Bell was murdered by the police officer. After all how else could you explain two full clips being unloaded into a car of unarmed passengers? One full clip discharged. A reload and then another full clip discharged. It had to be murder. The problem was that I, along with many people did not understand how the law handles a homicide. You see a dead body represents a homicide. That homicide could be justified or unjustified. It all depended on the circumstances.

Murder is a circumstance. It requires that the state prove, beyond reasonable doubt that the perpetrator has intended to kill his or her target and had malice, hatred or something along those lines. The key point being "prove beyond reasonable doubt."

The police get the benefit of the doubt when they shoot at someone. They get it from the justice department and they get it from the public. The idea being that police do not shoot unless they have to. When they have shot someone it is because the suspect did something to "deserve it". It was only late into the trial that I realized that the entire thing had been, in my opinion a publicity stunt.

If you read all the counts you'll note that there is NO second degree manslaughter charge against Isnora or Oliver for shooting at Guzman. This is significant because first degree manslaughter charges requires the proof of intent. I said back in march of 2007 that intent would not be provable. Second degree manslaughter requires no intent. Once it was shown in court, by both Isnora and Oliver that the target of their weapons fire was Guzman, it didn't matter what happened to Bell (case wise) Bell becomes collateral damage from the assault on Guzman. So the question that needs to be asked is why was there no second degree manslaughter (or attempted manslaughter if such a charge exists) leveled at Isnora and Oliver? If the prosecutor did not ask for such an indictment, was he or his office acting in concert with the police department to assure that the officers would be acquitted?
If you've followed all my Trayvon Watch posts you'll understand why I am focusing on the state's case rather than the "evidence". I believe the Florida prosecutors made the same mistake that the was made in NY. I cannot say that the "fix was in" but I can certainly say that the state's attorney's office fucked up. Let me explain how I think they fucked up royally on this case:

1) Wrong charges

While I was on Twitter and Facebook I repeatedly told people that murder 2 was not a proper charge and that it was a mistake to bring that charge. I said that the state would be unable to prove intent, much less malice on the part of Zimmerman beyond reasonable doubt. The reason is simple, Just as the NYPD was given the benefit of the doubt, this "neighborhood watch" person would also get the benefit of the doubt from any jury. The person in charge should have chucked any suggestion of murder II in the trash.

There is a second reason why Murder II should have never been on the table: It put the jury's focus on Zimmerman as potential victim> rather than as the actual perp. Since most of the fact in the case were not in dispute the prosecution essentially joined with the defense by having the jury spend two weeks deciding whether Zimmerman was scared for his life or not. Of course he was. The prosecution by waving around "intent" in order to convict on murder II, allowed the jury to contemplate Zimmerman as victim. This played directly into the jury instructions which had a clear exception for murder and manslaughter: How did Zimmerman feel? Of course both the prosecution and the defense had been making the jury think about that for two weeks. Which brings us to point number two

2) Wrong focus:

What essentially happened here, and as evidenced in my previous postings on the trial, everything was focused on Zimmerman. Mostly because of the wrong charges. It was wrong from the very beginning.

"Fucking Punks."

While that may have been "shocking" for an opening statement. The focus was entirely wrong. The prosecution should have spent the entire opening session on what Trayvon was (or might have been) thinking and doing. The opening line should have been:

"I'm being followed."

They should have lead with the forthcoming statement from Jeantel as to Trayvon noticing he was being followed.

They should have told the story of the events of that night through the eyes of the victim. Had the prosecution not had to try to prove malicious intent on the part of Zimmerman, they could have focused on Trayvon's story of walking to the store. Buying his skittles and iced tea. Of taking (or placing) the call to his lady friend. Of innocent banter on the walk home with his hood up to protect against the light rain. How he's a long way from home and it's night time and the lights are on in the apartments and people are doing the evening thing and he's looking around. Then the change in his conversation when he notices he's being followed by someone in a car. How he knows that a car should have passed him by now but is staying behind him. How he feels that he is in danger from a person who is clearly stalking him. Then the decision to run. Because the car "can't" come up on the curb between the buildings, but now the strange guy is on foot. What to do?

What to do?

Do I go home and bring the danger to my house?

Do I run?

Do I hide?

What does this strange man want?

Why are you following me?

The guy's got a GUN!!!

fight or flight

Trayvon is acting in self defense!!!

This is what the prosecution should have been for the entire two weeks: Martin. All day every day. What did Martin think was going on?

The prosecution should have hammered away at the very concept That Zimmerman was acting in self defense. Object every single time there is the slightest reference to defense by anyone other than Trayvon.

Of COURSE Trayvon fought him. He was fighting for HIS life!!!

Of course he smashed Zimmerman' head against the concrete! He was fighting for his life against an armed stalker. What the fuck would you DO?

And yes, I'd say "What the fuck would you do?" in open court and take the fine or contempt charge. It is THAT important to make it clear what the victim thought.

3) The Right Charges:

In order to make their manslaughter case stick the state should have brought up 2 additional charges:

A )Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Stalking.

From my previous posting aggravated stalking has the following:

“Credible threat” means a verbal or nonverbal threat, or a combination of the two, including threats delivered by electronic communication or implied by a pattern of conduct, which places the person who is the target of the threat in reasonable fear for his or her safety or the safety of his or her family members or individuals closely associated with the person, and which is made with the apparent ability to carry out the threat to cause such harm. It is not necessary to prove that the person making the threat had the intent to actually carry out the threat.
There is absolutely no reasonable doubt that Zimmerman stalked Trayvon. Zimmerman told on himself to that effect. Since Trayvon was not in the process of committing a crime nor was he "caught" exiting a building with "goods in hand" or anything like that, there was no reason to follow Trayvon, especially on foot.

Notice that the requirement here is that the victim have a reasonable fear for their safety. Clearly Trayvon was in fear of his safety due to the pattern of behavior that Zimmerman exhibited. Secondly, it doesn't matter WHAT Zimmerman thought he was doing (ie: protecting his neighborhood); his actions meet the definition of stalking.

Once you get the Jury to convict on the stalking charge, Manslaughter is easy to get to because you've established criminal activity on the part of Zimmerman and after that all that "I thought I was going to die" from the Zimmerman camp doesn't matter. When in the commission of a crime one kills someone you don't get covered by self-defense.

B) Manslaughter

Per the instructions given to the jury, manslaughter exceptions are:

The killing of a human being is excusable, and therefore lawful, under any one of the following three circumstances: 1. When the killing is committed by accident and misfortune in doing any lawful act by lawful means with usual ordinary caution and without any unlawful intent, or 2. When the killing occurs by accident and misfortune in the heat of passion, upon any sudden and sufficient provocation, or 3. When the killing is committed by accident and misfortune resulting from a sudden combat, if a dangerous weapon is not used and the killing is not done in a cruel or unusual manner.
As we go through these items we would have concluded:

1) Once we put aggravated stalking on the table, Zimmerman fails item 1. 2) Zimmerman did not shoot Martin "by accident" so he doesn't get covered under item 2. 3) The "sudden combat" exception does not apply if one is committing a crime. Try shooting a police officer who has taken you down after trying to arrest you for a crime you committed. You're not going to be able to argue "sudden combat".

Because the prosecution failed to establish criminal activity on the part of Zimmerman they could not get a conviction on the charges they filed. Because they wasted their effort on trying to prove the unprovable (legally). The prosecution allowed Zimmerman to be cast as the victim rather than the dead Trayvon.

4) Zimmerman had choices:

I haven't seen all the testimony but I haven't heard one piece of reporting that suggested that Zimmerman had choices. Zimmerman could have announced himself to Trayvon as a "friendly neighbor" who was "offering help to someone who looked lost".

Zimmerman could have driven right up to Trayvon and rolled down his window and said something to the effect: "hey there, you look kinda lost, I live here can I help you find a location?" If Zimmerman wanted to be more forceful, he could have rolled up on Trayvon and announced himself as neighborhood watch and ask if Trayvon needed help.

But Zimmerman said he thought the skittles was a gun. Oh, so Zimmerman left his vehicle expecting to get into a gun fight? Really?

Side issues:

5) Not a single black juror? I'm not saying that a black juror could not have come to the same conclusion as the rest of the jury but I believe it would have been harder to get a black juror to not see Trayvon as a victim because he or she would have to consider that they could have easily been Trayvon walking down the street minding his own business. Understand that jurors are expected to use their judgement and experiences when evaluating the credibility of witnesses and their statements.

6) I didn't see it mentioned but if it wasn't I think that the fact that the Zimmerman sitting in the courtroom was not the Zimmerman of 18 months ago would have been important. Zimmerman blew up and grew hair while he was awaiting trial.

7) Was there a black prosecutor in this office who could have made opening/closing statements? No disrespect to the prosecutors but I don't think they really understood exactly how offensive the idea of an innocent black male being stalked and killed is. I don't think they truly understood what was at stake here. Their focus on Zimmerman and how he was a "wanna be cop", played directly in the narrative of the defense. That Zimmerman was a good guy trying to do right and got himself into a bad spot. He wanted to get the "fucking punks". Well who doesn't want to get the fucking punks? How is that supposed to get a jury to see Trayvon as a stalking victim?

A good black attorney. Heck, even a non attorney would have instead focused on Trayvon. The closing argument as I see it would have been a clear narrative from Trayvon's point of view.

It would have been all about the fact that I'm walking in the drizzle to the store. I'm not in a rush 'cause I have no appointments. I'm talking to my lady friend.

I would have been right up in the jury's faces, particularly the mothers. I would have had them on the phone with their son walking home from the store. I would have let the hear the panic in my voice as I realize that someone is following me. I want them to hear me running away from this stalker. I want them to feel the panic as they realize the stalker is now on foot and is face to face with their son.

Their child is face to face with a potential killer and there is nothing they can do all they can do is hope he survives. Drop the phone in front of the jury. See which ones look to pick it up. You've won.

This was not a case that is won trying to get into the mind of Zimmerman. It was a case to get into the shoes of Trayvon Martin. I believe a black attorney would have understood that.

This concludes the Trayvon Watch series.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trayvon Watch Part 10: Until Proven Otherwise

So for the past couple of months I've been watching and reading the commentary on various, shall we say, Pro-White, websites as it regards the Trayvon Martin case. Today, one of them, VDare decided to run a piece by Ann Coulter (the one allegedly involved with JJ from Good Times), in which she defends Zimmerman. Before I get into her piece I'm going to re-iterate my oft stated position that the state did not prove murder 2, nor do I think that Zimmerman is in fact guilty of murder 2. This does not mean I don't think Zimemrman is not responsible for the killing, nor that he shouldn't have been charged with something, but that it was IMO a mistake to charge Zimmerman with murder 2. Now onto Ann.

One of the things you will note with many "pro-white" websites is a focus on black crime. I'm not going to get into a debate about black crime. Relative to other US populations black crime, particularly assault and homicide (usually but not always linked) are ridiculously high. Yes, in certain locations practically all assaults on the books have a black face, usually male. Discussing the reasons for this phenomenon is beyond the scope of this post. What is within the scope of this post is that even with the way out of proportion levels of crime committed by black men, it still represents a small minority of the overall black male population.

Using NYC as an example, there were maybe 300 murders in the city last year. I'm rounding, probably up. Most of which were committed by black males. There are 8 million people in NY. A good 2 million or so are black. If we assume, wrongly, that both the victim and the perpetrator of these crimes were criminals it still wouldn't even be 1% of the total black population. If we were to throw in burglaries and other forms of violent crime, you STILL wouldn't hit 1%. As a matter of fact, the majority of records that black males have are for non-violent offenses, number one being drug possession (with or without intent to sell).

Furthermore, when we look at cross racial crimes, they are but a fraction of the amounts of intra-racial crimes. That is, for a white person to proxy their chances of being a victim of a black criminal by the number of crimes blacks commit against each other, they would need to drop that chance to 10% (usually). Not to say it cannot happen. We know it can and does, but the fact of the matter is that the vast majority black people you see on the street isn't paying you any attention. Just like Trayvon was doing when he was minding his business walking from the store.

Which brings us to Ann:

There were at least eight burglaries in the 14 months before Zimmerman's encounter with Martin. Numerous media accounts admit that "most" of these were committed by black males. I'm waiting to hear about a single crime at Twin Lakes that was not committed by a black male.
Lets take that point at face value. There are about 17,000 black persons in Sanford Fl. According to Ann around 8 of them committed burglaries.



So according to Ann, if 8 persons who look a certain way have committed crimes in a given location, it is OK to stalk everyone else who "fits the description" on the chance that they too 'might" be number 9?

ust six months before Zimmerman's encounter with Martin, two men had broken into the home of a neighbor, Olivia Bertalan, while she was alone with her infant son. She had just enough time to call 911 before running upstairs and locking herself in a room. The burglars knew she was home, but proceeded to rob the place anyway, even trying to enter the locked room where she held her crying child.

Bertalan had seen the burglars just before they broke into her house—one at the front door and one at the back. They were young black males. They lived in the Retreat by Twin Lakes.

In another case, a black teenager strode up to Zimmerman's house and, in broad daylight, stole a bicycle off the front porch. The bike was never recovered.

Weeks before Zimmerman saw Martin, he witnessed another young black male peering into the window of a neighbor's house. He called the cops, but by the time they arrived, the suspect was gone.

A few days later, another house was burglarized. The thieves made off with jewelry and a new laptop. Roofers working across the street had seen two black teenagers near the house at the time of the robbery. When they spotted one of the teens the next day, they called the police.

This time, the roofers followed the suspect so he wouldn't get away. The cops arrived and found the stolen laptop in his backpack. This was the same black teenager Zimmerman had seen looking in a neighbor's window.
An interesting rundown of prior events. Here's the kicker though, these were actual crimes. Had Zimmerman (or anyone else) ran into the two men (one was actually a minor) in the act Zimmerman could have blasted them to kingdom come and be sitting on his porch with a beer and no one would have said a thing.

Had Zimmerman caught the kid who stole his property from off his property and put a bullet in his head, I'd have nothing to say. Nothing at all. I wouldn't even care if the bike thief was unarmed. You steal you take the chance on having things go very wrong. Oh well.

In the case of the roofers they saw the same men who had committed a crime and followed them. Two points here:

1) As I've pointed out in many writings, it is often a small group of people who are responsible for numerous crimes, rather than a one to one to one relationship between a crime and a new perp.

2) The roofers followed the perpetrators of an actual crime. Had they gotten into an altercation they would have the legal upper hand in anything that happened because a crime had already been committed.

The last point is the point missed by all of the "pro-white" writings I have seen. Not a single one of them, in the months that I have read their commentary has once said:

"Trayvon was committing no crime." "Walking down the street is not a crime." For all their talk, I seriously wonder what these "pro-white" commentators would do if they had been stalked by a strange man (cracker or not) in a car, who then exited said car and perhaps showed a gun. Would they lead him to their house? I mean really, if you are in a neighborhood that is "rife" with burglaries, would you allow a strange man to follow you to the "safety of your home" knowing full well that if he really wants to kill you, he now knows where you lay your head to rest?


Ann goes on to make a comparison with John White who shot a kid who was menacing his family and threatening to kill his son. Let's make quick minced meat of this laughable comparison.

John White was sleeping in his house. Zimmerman was driving along a "public" street.

John White's son had been threatened by the teenager(s) in question. Zimmerman had no prior contact with Trayvon.

The teenagers came to John White's property and were on his property. Zimmerman was not on his property. Trayvon was not on Zimmerman's property.

The teenagers threatened John White, His family and his property. Zimmerman posed a threat to Trayvon and confronted him.

John White showed his weapon and warned the teenagers. Zimmerman claims that he made no confrontation nor did he warn Trayvon that he was armed (by his own testimony).

John White discharged his weapon. Zimmerman discharged his weapon. This is the only thing they have in common. Clearly though the "long story" explains why John White was fully within his rights, while Zimmerman was clearly reckless in his behavior.

What it boils down to with these folk is that since black men commit so much crime then every black male is to be seen as a criminal until proven otherwise. That Trayvon, by dint of being black, must have had criminal intent against Zimmerman "The Cracker" and was simply waiting to beat up on Zimmerman (supposedly with his free hand while talking to his lady friend, cause you know how athletic and coordinated black men are).What they hope is that the jurors in this case will agree with such a sentiment. The state in levying a charge they cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt, may have provided the means to confirm such an idea. Hopefully they are bright enough to include lesser charges for consideration and the jury rejects this ideology.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Trayvon Watch Part 9: The Armed Stalker is Not The Victim

So the Defense has rested. As expected Zimmerman did not testify in person. Why should he have? I wouldn't have. Zimmerman told his story a couple of times and it is on tape. His story has been "confirmed" by a number of credible witnesses. What was his story?

He stalked Trayvon while in his car because Trayvon was "not walking fast enough in the rain" and "looking at his surroundings".

Zimmerman then left the safety of his vehicle from this "clear threat" of a man "walking too slowly in the rain" and "looking at his surroundings" with his loaded gun and followed this person.

Zimmerman found himself in an altercation with this unarmed man who had been "walking too slowly in the rain" and "looking at his surroundings" and in the ensuring fight killed the unarmed man who had been "walking too slowly in the rain" and "looking at his surroundings".

Zimmerman's defense team would like for the jury to disregard the fact that Trayvon was "walking in the rain" and "minding his own business" when he realized he was being stalked by a man he did not know or recognize.

Zimmerman's defense would like the jury to disregard the fact that there was only one person in this entire situation who had an ongoing and credible fear for his life from a man he discovered was not only stalking him but had a loaded firearm.

Zimmerman's defense team would like the jury to disregard all of that and act as if Zimmerman was just another guy, walking in his complex with his loaded gun when he just happened to be jumped by Trayvon for no other reason that being a "creepy cracker."

I do not know what charges the jury will be told they can convict on. What I do know is that as I predicted, the state has not proven beyond reasonable doubt that a murder II has occurred. The reason for this is that they did not prove beyond reasonable doubt that there was "malice" and intent. It would seem to me that the state in this case has done the same mistake that the state of NY did with the Sean Bell killing trial.

If the state has failed to add any charge that is something akin to "criminally negligent homicide", then Zimmerman walks. Zimmerman should have known that by leaving his vehicle has was creating a situation in which he was a danger not only to himself but to anyone else he encountered. His decision to escalate the situation lead directly to the shooting. He never considered that to Trayvon, HE was the one who was about to commit a crime. Zimmerman did not consider that by following Trayvon in his car, that HE came across as a person who was stalking a would be victim and that Trayvon had decided he would not be a victim.

This last point is why I haven't even commented on the latter part of the trial. I expect that Trayvon took matters to deal with someone who by any objective standard was stalking him. This is where I refer the reader back to the long story - short story theory. The prosecution in it's closing argument will have to stress that this was a created situation by Zimmerman against a person who was minding his own business. That if Zimmerman had not acted negligently he would not be on trial now and Trayvon would be alive. That the injuries that Zimmerman sustained were his own fault. Yes, his own fault. You do not stalk and confront someone and then when they act to defend themselves shoot them and call it self-defense and walk away clean as if it was an innocent accident.

The prosecution does not need to find "disrepancies" in Zimmerman's story. It does not matter if the gun was pressed to Trayvon's chest or only on the shirt. It does not matter if Trayvon was found face up or face down. It does not matter if Trayvon was on top or on the bottom. The fact of the matter is that Trayvon was walking down the street minding his own business, talking to his friend and observing his surroundings when he noticed he was being followed by a vehicle with a strange man in it. That he tried to get away from the "creepy ass cracker" who was following him and that the man exited his car, with a loaded gun, and continued to follow Trayvon on foot even after, by his own testimony he had been spotted by Trayvon.

The prosecution must repeatedly bang on the point that the armed stalker is NOT the victim.

The armed stalker is not the victim.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Lolo Jones Mocks Rachel Jeantel On Twitter: ‘Madea Goes To Court’ [OPINION]

Hey Lolo;

Followed your track career. Watched the NBC bio right before the Olympics. Felt bad for you when you lost your race.

Next time. I'll be changing the channel or rooting for someone else.

That is all.

The Ghost.

Is Silicon Valley's immigration agenda gutting the tech industry's middle class?

The kicker:
Callahan says that there may be a surplus of American IT workers looking for employment, but that’s because their skills don’t match up with today’s marketplace. "A lot of folks looking for work are older professionals. As the infrastructure of tech companies increasingly moves to the cloud, these positions have dried up. You don’t need a big IT staff to get a company to global scale anymore."
I can attest to this personally. Due to the way software and updates are distributed these days, the days of needing a lot of "on the ground" tech staff are numbered. One person with a comprehensive system in place can do what used to be done by 4 or 5 people.

Remember I've been talking about the future of [un]employment for a while now. And recently. Lastly:

How can both of these things be true at the same time? The answer reflects a larger trend in the American labor market: an increasing gap between the top earners and everyone else. In Silicon Valley, elite programmers are in high demand, fought over by employers who pay six- and seven-figure salaries on top of generous stock grants. It's understandable that these companies would spend money lobbying Washington for more access to premier talent.

But in the broader IT market, the environment is more like manufacturing, with less-skilled Americans being replaced by cheaper foreign labor. The largest employers of H1-B workers aren’t firms like Facebook and Microsoft, they are actually outsourcing companies like Infosys, Tata, and Wipro. These companies account for around half of the annual H-1B workers, and the majority of their employees are overseas, according to a recent report from Computerworld. The study found that less than three percent of H-1B workers apply for permanent residency. Most learn the job, then leave to continue the job from their home country.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Trayvon Watch Part 8: Mind How You Walk....Niggas.

Today the jury got to listen to the unedited tapes of Zimmerman's statement to the police after he shot Trayvon. In the interview he stated why Trayvon caught his attention:
In the recording, Mr. Zimmerman waived his right to a lawyer and said that his concern was piqued that night by the sight of Mr. Martin walking in the rain. Burglaries had been rampant in the neighborhood, he said, prompting him to start a Neighborhood Watch. “These guys always get away,” he told Officer Singleton, a statement that prosecutors would later seize upon. “It was raining out, and he was leisurely walking, taking his time, looking at all the houses. When I drove by he stopped and looked at me.”
Not that Trayvon was trying car doors, house doors or maybe using a flashlight to see if any home was empty.

Trayvon was suspicious because he was leisurely walking. Shit I see people in my neighborhood do every day.

At the time of the confrontation between Zimmerman and Trayvon, ~7:09 PM, Feb 26, 2012, it was slightly raining. What we would call a "light drizzle".

6:53 PM 63.0 °F 60.1 °F 90% 30.30 in 7.0 mi NE 6.9 mph - 0.00 in Rain Light Rain 7:53 PM 63.0 °F 60.1 °F 90% 30.30 in 10.0 mi East 5.8 mph - 0.03in Overcast

It wasn't pouring. It wasn't sleeting, snowing. Nor was there a hurricane blowing through the town. It was lightly raining which means if you're covered you're unlikely to be running (which probably would have made Zimmerman suspicious as well), or in any particular rush to get home (particularly if you're talking to a female on the phone before you get back under parental supervision).

So basically Zimmerman's opinion was that Trayvon was suspicious because he was walking to leisurely [for a negro].

Zimmerman is letting us know that in his opinion, black males aren't supposed to be walking "leisurely" in weather HE thinks warrants non-leisurely walking.

Straight face.

So now you know my fellow Negroes: If it's raining outside, you make damn sure you don't walk to "leisurely" lest you arouse the suspicions of some random "creepy ass cracker" with a gun.