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Monday, August 28, 2017

Equal Protection or Second Class Citizenship?

The continuing fallout from the election of Donald Trump has revealed a lot about the left. I've already discussed that the left is essentially a communist organization that has coopted an entire mainstream political party (Democrats) as well as gotten a second to act as it's convenient idiot, but it has also gotten its tentacles into academia with un-fireable professors, studies departments that lack basic rigors of science as well as operatives ensconced in HR departments countrywide. There these people create complete unconstitutional "codes of conduct" and the like where Left PC doctrine is enforced with those found at "fault" taking their very livelihoods into their hands. But it gets worse.

Back when Russia decided it was in it's best interest to take Crimea back from Ukraine major financial transaction companies decided to block financial transaction with certain Russian financial entities. This was the first time I knew of where a private financial company acted as an agent of governments, without a court order of any kind, to impose "sanctions" on a third party. At the time I didn't see this for the huge red flag that it was. I did say that both Russia and China would be best served by making sure they had financial systems in place that could bypass Western systems. I had no idea that US citizens would be put under the same screw.

After Charlottesville we saw a number of companies that previously were all about "net neutrality" decide that certain people could not only not use YouTube Facebook or Twitter even though they had not violated any laws OR the terms of service, but these companies went even further. They stole domain names, colluded to deny internet service to those who they disagreed with AND denied the ability to do basic financial transactions via common public platforms.

Currently this nefarious activity is being directed at Stormfront. Whether one likes, agrees with or otherwise has some affinity to Stormfront is irrelevant. The fact that a domain name, which is the property of the person who first registers it, can be stolen without a peep from the relevant regulatory and justice bodies should disturb anyone who understands the value of equal protection under the law.

Stormfront is an easy target but don't be mistaken. This is a test of power that must be met with a strong show of justice from the government. As one "far right" organization is taken out, the organization or person that was next to them on the spectrum becomes the next target. Soon, the one who thought he was "too mainstream" to become a victim of this mob finds himself the next victim. Understand: The dominoes are falling.

This is especially alarming because the US (and elsewhere) is fast becoming a cashless society. Whether it be paying a toll on a road, accessing subways and other mass transit. Whether it be paying for clothes and food. Whether it be carrying on everyday business. If companies that provide these transactions can unilaterally decide to cut a citizen off from these essential services we have a serious problem. It is arguable whether we can say that Facebook or YouTube "has to" let you use their services in order to make a living. It is an entirely different argument whether PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, etc can deny your legal financial transaction because it doesn't like your politics.

Imagine for a minute that you said something that some lefty doesn't like (and it's a lefty, because I've yet to see anyone on the right, including so called White Supremacists call for anyone to not be able to make a living or to have their internet access blocked, IP stolen or ability to do legal financial transactions blocked). Imagine they decide to "contact" whomever to mark you as a "white supremacist" or a "[black][yellow][Brown] White Supremacist" and various institutions decide to no longer extended financial services. You are, oh, buying gas and now your Apple Pay or Google Pay is no longer accepting payments. Perhaps you're trying to pay your mortgage. Sorry. You're trying to pay your EZ-pass. No go. This is a very very real possibility right now.

Now say you're self employed, perhaps you employ other people at your business. Now you can no longer take payments from your customers. You can't pay your vendors. You can't pay your employees. This is entirely possible. This is not funny.

This is not America.

Why is all this happening? It would be easy to blame Democrats or "The Left" but Holder is not in the Justice Dept and Obama is not president. The blame lies squarely on Trump and Sessions. I'm going to focus on Sessions here. Since the campaign we have seen unprecedented levels of political violence mostly by leftist groups. We have seen a level of lawlessness, where governors and mayors have openly violated immigration law or stated their intent (which is what is needed for criminal prosecution) to violate immigration law. Various govt. officials have brazenly told police under their watch to allow persons designated "nazis" to be beaten and to have their constitutional rights violated. All of this has happened with mice level peeps from Sessions. This is unacceptable. Where there is a lack of law, lawlessness escalates. Paypal etc. have done what they have done because the persons responsible for setting the tone have failed to do so. Even a failed attempt at prosecution is better than no prosecution at all.

Furthermore; as others have noted, if these large internet companies, particularly those that deal with peoples financial transactions and intellectual property are going to discriminate against people based on their political opinions (real or imagined) then they should be brought under regulation. Either all citizens have equal protect and equal access to services, which was the entire point of the civil rights movement, or we have a state where there are second class citizens.

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Best You Could Come Up With

While various black and white faces call for the destruction of monuments of various historical American figures, recent events show one of the reasons that black folk fail to make real progress. Here's what is trending as a replacement for Confederate soldiers:

No seriously. Given the opportunity to suggest replacement for Robert E. Lee, Negroes have come up with Missy Elliot. I have even seen suggestions for Michael Jackson.


I mean it's not like if your going to replace confederate monuments to one of the most significant wars in US history, if not THE defining war after the war for independence from England, you would suggest someone like Sojourner Truth or Fredrick Douglass. Not Harriet Tubman. No, the first thing that comes to mind is a rapper.

They didn't come up with Garrett Morgan or any other black person of science. Heck, given the recent overrepresentation of Katherine Johnson you would think they would have picked her. But nope. Missy Eliot.

Not Fannie Lou Hamer. Not Barbara Jordan. Missy Elliot.

And I'm not even getting into more political figures like Garvey or Martin Delany. If anything this is a perfect example of why black people in America continue to fail. This exaltation of rappers, singers and ballers at the expense of scientists and real deal activists is part of the reason why we continue to be missing in the elite levels of modern societies and are left complaining about racism and klan members most of them haven't seen hide nor hair of.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Communist Infiltration of US

I posted a link a video in my last post but I want this to stand alone.

This is because it is very clear that no one in the mainstream public is calling out the Communist in the room. This includes people at all levels of government.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

America Is Broken

[edit: 8-16: added embedded video] Back in the 1950s a group of people had the politically supported position that certain other people did not deserve the same rights of citizenship that the popular people had. These people had major (and minor) businesses and corporations behind them. Those businesses denied service and accommodations to those persons and groups deemed "outside the norm". The popular group had entrenched themselves in the government and conspired to make sure that the laws that were written to apply equally to all citizens were not applied or applied only when it served their interests.

As a result of this cooperation between the state and business, millions of citizens were deprived their rights. They could be harassed on the street. They could be fired from their jobs (if they got hired). When they tried to peacefully assemble to exercise their constitutional rights they were beaten by agents of the state. When the state didn't do the beating, they stood by idle while citizens with the "right ideas" beat on the people with the "wrong ideas". After all those people had the "wrong ideas" and "wrong identities" so who would and should care.

People who thought that this blatant disregard for the law and the dangers of such state condoned violence were called "traitors" and Communists. Many of them were cowed into silence due to the threats they received. They had to live in fear of random mobs showing up where they worked or lived. Their employers were warned that if they continued to employ the "bad people" their own businesses were in danger.

When the "bad people" had meetings, angry mobs would surround them with weapons. Often these mobs consisted of people who wore masks or other means of disguise. On the few times that the people being disenfranchised retaliated against the people beating on them, the media would use their actions to show how uncivilized and barbaric the "bad people were" which was proof that they shouldn't be allowed to have "rights".

Fortunately the American people came to understand that this arrangement was detrimental to society. Yet now in 2017 the entire lesson has been forgotten. Once again businesses and corporations are aligned with government to protect a particular narrative. They are using their power to deny service and accommodations to those who fall afoul of the particular narrative. The police have been once again used as a tool, not of upholding the law and constitutional rights, but of The Narrative. I believe that what we saw in Va. over the weekend, ends MUCH of the support that police had in right leaning communities. It was one thing to see Berkley police being Berkley police. But a southern police allowing communists to run around unmolested? I'd never thought I'd see it. Which brings me to my last point: The US Government and major corporations have been infiltrated by Communists.

I know this sounds McCarthyite but of all the "reporting" on VA from the MSM and various government and ex-government officials, no one has named the communist. Antifa is communist organization. Didn't we have a whole cold war with countries with that ideology? I seem to recall a whole "take down this wall" moment. Wasn't the entire problem with Cuba the fact that it is communist? Why hasn't the news madia pointed out the communist? The answer is because the communist is in the position to shape the news so that the communist can maintain the hidden hand.

I remember watching a video of a {ex?] Russian intelligence officer discussing how they planned on taking down America. They would infiltrate the institutions (education, etc) and once they got their ideas into students in particular, these students would then enter areas of influence where they would direct policy.

This is why Antifa can go without critique in a country that actually fought wars against communists. This is why you can find so many Americans who say that Americans have too much freedom of speech and too much privacy. Ideas that were common in communists countries are now common in the intellectual elite in America. Nazis don't have free assembly rights? Where is that in the constitution? Nowhere. All citizens have free assembly rights and the state has a legal obligation to protect those rights. Why is this even something to be discussed or argued? Free speech applies to everyone and ESPECIALLY for those who we do not like, agree with or my find personally lower than the dirt under shit.

The government response to Va, from Trump and Sessions on down has let the left know that it is open season to commit violence against those whom they disagree with. America has just become a much more dangerous place to live. If you are to the right of Antifa and they can tell you can have your financial life and "limb life" in danger. On the other side, if you're not white and you are out and about and some neo nazi or white nationalist or just some right of center person who feels threatened, realizes he has no non-violent means of being heard and having his legitimate issues addressed (which doesn't mean all his issues are legitimate) decides on venting his anger decides he's gonna take it out on the next non-white person he sees, well you're fucked.

I agree that Trump (and Sessions) commentary was not enough. Trump should have named names. All. The. Names. Neo-Nazis and Antifa. He should have named government officials who fail to enforce the law. By state and by name. How do you declare your city a sanctuary city AND deny American citizens their right to peaceably assemble and petition the government? This is straight up treason.

When government officials are traitors you have a seriously broken country.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

So I Lied

One of the most golden things to come out of the Google Manifesto (GM) thus far is to watch lefties who typically cite "science" as backing up claims about human caused climate change, often noting that 99 or so percent of climate scientists agree on the subject, now turning around and claiming that the science behind known behavioral and psychological differences between genders (and races) is suspect and fake. It reveals, to those now paying attention how the left is not interested in science as much as they are interested in any and everything that they can weaponize against everyone who is "not Left".

Aside from that we have seen a gender based version of the "rage of a privileged class" phenomenon that I wrote about recently:

This information is critical if you want to understand the "rage of a privileged class". There is a "large" population, in terms of raw numbers, of very bright black people. However because the black population is relatively small, that number is minuscule in relation to the population as a whole:...

So here's the thing. If you are one of those black people who are on the far right side of the IQ distribution you are a rare bird (statistically speaking). However, it is likely you also interact with many other rare birds. Because of this you likely think that there are more of you than is represented in the population. Because of this, the following chart burns you up inside:

The same thing applies to the reaction to the GM, there are many bright women who do high level tech as competently as their male counterparts, but statistically they are a small group (just as the men who do this work, more on that later). Furthermore, most women who are THAT bright choose to do other things with that intellect (as seen in where women gravitate to in terms of advanced degrees and career choices) that siphons them off from CS fields which further impacts their numbers. This is all known stuff. But a certain victim/siege mentality has taken hold of modern Western women where we get nonsense like the following (linking to Steve Sailer 'cause he's always worth reading):
For instance, what if we replaced the word “women” in the memo with another group? What if the memo said that biological differences amongst Black, Hispanic, or LGBTQ employees explained their underrepresentation in tech and leadership roles? Would some people still be discussing the merit of the memo’s arguments or would there be a universal call for swift action against its author? …

I thought about all of this, looked at my daughter and answered simply. “No, it’s not true.”

It's one thing to lie about some fat white man who crawls up and down chimneys (some of which simply don't exist) with a impossibly small [often] black bag for the amount of toys he allegedly has, and places these presents under a decorated tree and takes the time necessary to eat cookies and drink milk while keeping a schedule where there is about 5 hours of darkness to cover the entire globe.

It is one thing to lie to your kid about some fairy that comes to their bedroom with whatever currency is in circulation and plops one under their pillow and retrieves whatever tooth is there.

But lying to your kid about a known and verifiable scientific fact because you're too chicken shit to tell them how biology and the world actually works is diarrhea level of parenting. At some time in the near future this girl, should she be at all bright, will find out her mother is a grand level liar and may well lose a lot of respect for her. But let's address the epic level straw man argument offered here:

For instance, what if we replaced the word “women” in the memo with another group? What if the memo said that biological differences amongst Black, Hispanic, or LGBTQ employees explained their underrepresentation in tech and leadership roles? Would some people still be discussing the merit of the memo’s arguments or would there be a universal call for swift action against its author?
Firstly there is hardly "universal calls" for swift action against Damore. The only way you can think that such an environment exists is if you live in a rather opaque bubble. However to the point here, the same argument made by Damore in regards to gender diversity at Google can in fact be made about Non-Asian minorities in the technology field. I've discussed this multiple times already:
That's very few people getting top level PHD's in computer science. I'm sure that they are in high demand as well. According to that paper. CS BS degrees awarded topped out in 2003 with around 22k degrees awarded. when we look at the ethnic and racial breakdown of those awarded said degrees we find that "Black or African-Americans" get 4.6% of those degrees [Pg 7]
Whites take 64.8% and Asians 15.3%

When we look at gender we find that women take 29.5% of Masters to 70.5% for men. When we look at Master's degrees by race and ethnicity we find:

Black or African-American: 2.6%
White 31.2%
Asian 12.4%
Non-resident Alien 50.4% (Why is "Non-resident Alien" recorded with ethnicity?)

When it comes to Phd level degrees, Men hold 80.2% of the degrees to women's 19.8% Black or African-American's hold 1.4% of PhD level CS degrees
Whites, 34.3%
Asians 12.3%
Nonresident Alien 49.6% (again why is this in the ethnicity section and WHO is it hiding?)

And from another post of mine:
Look. If HARPO Studios, created by none other than Oprah Winfrey herself cannot manage to employ 60% African-Americans at her studio why the hell should anyone be mad at Google or LinkedIN? Someone ought to send the EEOC to Harpo studios and get them to explain why a black company apparently cannot find qualified black staff.

I mean how is it that Oprah Winfrey could not find a BLACK CEO to run her company?

Why all this disparity?

That little bump? That's the Black IQ distribution mapped in proportion to their population demographics. This is why Google hasn't been able to bump it's black population in it's high IQ roles from 2%. There's no more to get! Why does the Hispanic population at Google go from 2% to 5%? Because you can be white AND Hispanic, not mention you're white and boom! White Hernandez is put in the diversity column.

But let me get back to the victim mentality issue and the issue of why there is so much "outrage" going on. When women see that men are at the top of most hugely rich and successful companies they have been trained to see "men". When men see men at the same positions they don't see "men" they see successful individuals. We know that those men at the top are such a small proportion of the population of men that we KNOW that gender is NOT the determining factor and barely a factor at all in their success. After all if simply being MALE got you even half the success of the men at the top then half the male population would be uber rich. So we do not use our dicks as crutches.

We KNOW that those people at the top of the heap, be in business, sports and to an extent, politics, got there by doing things that the average person won't or can't do. Let me give an example:

I play Blackjack. Like most people, when I started out I won big (as in 10x my buy in) my first time out and thought I was The Shit. I went back with more money and lost it. Most people would have packed it in and moved back to slot machines or never touched a casino again. Casinos are NOT for the risk averse. So the fact that I did not stop playing put me in a category that most people would never get into. My gender has a statistical impact on the decision as men/males are less risk averse than women. At the Blackjack table this is also borne out as most Blackjack players are male (go look).

The next thing is that I decided that I would research the game and found out about Basic Strategy(BS). Knowing basic strategy reduces the house edge. Unlike many people who are willing to put money on the Blackjack table, I committed to learning BS and playing it no matter what. I have often advised people to learn it. Most of the people I have made the suggestion to decided against it. "Too hard", "too much".

Then I spent hours (and spend hours) practicing to know what to do as soon as the cards hit the table. I practice against whatever conditions I expect to see at the casinos I frequent because different rules require different but similar strategies. How many people are willing to spend 4 hours playing a day to just train themselves? Not many.

So again, my decision to learn BS on top of being willing to risk larger amounts of money put me in a class of people that most will never reach. And believe me, learning BS is NOT HARD. It is actually harder to control your emotions at a table than it is to learn the right plays. Which brings us to the issue of emotionalism. Again, my sex brings a statistical advantage here. Males are less emotion prone than women. When "gambling" one MUST be emotionally stable as to not chase losses or have a heart attack. Seriously. I've seen people laid out on the floor.

So to recap, I'm relatively successful playing BJ because I put in the required effort and made decisions that the vast majority of people will never make. Success at the high levels of tech are the same. Very few people have the inborn talent needed (IQ, impulse control, etc) and willing to take the time necessary to hone their skills which often requires social isolation, which is something we know women are less likely to do because generally they are more social. We KNOW this.

So Susan Wojcicki is a liar and she should be removed from her position by the board as you shouldn't have liars heading your company. But she's not the only liar. We are seeing that a whole breed of power hungry liars are ensconced in businesses and Academic institutions that have serious impacts on society. We see that they keep blacklists, we see that they are willing to use their power to censor. We see that they are willing to promote and act out violence against people who disagree with them. Everything is laid bare and they are willing to lie to their children as well as yours in order to maintain their power. Susan Wojcicki admits she is a liar. We must commit to telling the truth and stand by the facts.

Monday, August 07, 2017

The Google Manifesto: First They Came For Brandon

So over the weekend various left leaning publications were triggered by a fact based memo written by a [currently] anonymous Google employee that discussed diversity and his issues with how Google deals with it. Those right of the current left, meaning anyone from the moderate position on down were alarmed at how such a fact based note could be the source of much venom on the left. I was not one of them because I saw this coming a long time ago.

Brandon Eich, formerly of Mozilla was fired"made to resign" from his job for, wait for it, donating money to a campaign against legalizing homosexual marriage. He did not advertise his opinions on the matter. He did not discriminate, harass or otherwise make the work life of any of the employees under his charge difficult. He maintained a professional attitude at all times (that we know of) and did his honest bit to make Mozilla great. Then he was pressured to resign. I wrote about this back in 2014:

Essentially, under the law, Eich was subject to a hostile work environment by other employees at Mozilla. That is an actionable discrimination claim. The management at Mozilla (meaning HR) did nothing to make it clear to the employees of Mozilla that their actions constituted discrimination and harassment under employment law. I'm not saying that the employees with issues with Eich don't have a right to hold and discuss their positions on Eich's donation.
Since Eich had a clear religious exercise right to support the movement with his money Mozilla was clearly in the wrong. Yet Eich allowed Mozilla to get away with wrongful termination. He should never have "resigned" and should have sued Mozilla into bankruptcy court. But so called conservatives were too busy trying to play the "I'm not a homophobe" card in order to curry (or maintain) favor with the left and allowed this to go unanswered. As I've said before, the bully always tests the victim before escalating. The pimp always tests the "ho" for compliance. Once he knows she can be easily manipulated to do his bidding, she's his to do as he pleases. The moderates and the so called conservatives have been hoed by the left. Everything is now a target. The very same people who will yell at you about the "science" of undeniable man caused climate change, will howl bloody murder if you present statistics and facts about IQ distribution, genetics and other hate statistics like racial crime rates. You know you have it bad when hospitals will leave a newborn's sex blank so they can fill it in later with the "chosen" gender.

One of the reasons this kind of bullshit can happen is because there is actually a two class citizen system in the US. Due to this concept of "protected classes" certain groups of people are subject to discriminatory actions that others are not. This isn't reverse discrimination, it is discrimination. Full stop.

We are seeing this viewpoint discrimination spread like weeds on an unkept lawn. AirB&B is allegedly informing persons attending a "Unite the Right" gathering, that they are not welcome to use their services. Understand that if you object to renting to two men who are going to fuck each other in your house, AirB&B will boot you from their service and you might get sued, but if people are in town to attend a rally AirB&B disagrees with that same property is banned to you. Legally there is nothing that can be done unless a "religious blanket" is used as cover (a lot of organizations do this for this very reason). This needs to change. Either the Feds need to allow all businesses to discriminate on any basis whatsoever or they need to amend the law to prevent AirB&B, Twitter, YouTube, etc from discriminating against any public user that does not violate terms of service and those terms of service cannot include viewpoint discrimination. In other words, Twitter should allow Hebrew Israelites to talk about crackers and white devils all day long and allow Stormfront types to talk the same shit about black people. If not then neither the Hebrew Israelites OR the Stormfront types should be allowed on the platform. And if one is allowed and the other not, then the company should be liable in civil court. Either we all get service or none of us gets service.

But I've gone off the main point. The point here is that this Google event really started back when Mozilla was given a pass. Had Mozilla been sued into bankruptcy as it should have been. Had the EEOC ran in there and fined the hell out of them, Lefty organizations would have been put on notice that workplace discrimination and harassment would not be allowed and the [currently] anonymous Google Manifesto author would not currently be in fear for his job (and I assume it's a him).

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Caved To The Homosexuals and Got Trannies

So there's this article over at Takmag that I am almost in full agreement with: Resisting the Tranny State
And that, right there, is why trannies annoy the hell out of me. A tranny is someone who claims, “I was ‘assigned’ the wrong gender at birth, and I need to be the real me.” Okay, fine. Go be whatever the hell you want to be! Go be a chick with a dick, or a man with a cooter. It’s absolutely none of my business how any adult decides to express him/her/itself sexually. But the thing is, these days trannies are not content to just go be trannies; they insist that we become accomplices to their fantasy.
And this is where the author and myself (and persons like Jordan Peterson) agree. See I don't much care for trannies. But I don't spend my time wondering what they do in their personal lives. They do them, I do me and I'm good. But of late they have managed, by dint of guilt ridden white people who afraid of anyone calling them anything that ends in "ist" or "phobe", to get the state in on forcing themselves on the rest of us. We all know that trannies are sick in the head. It's called gender dysphoria. No sane medical professional would listen to someone explain how they are actually a female and then proceed to chop off whatever primary and secondary sex organs the person has and then give them a lifetime prescription for hormones so that they can live out a mental disease that will likely end in suicide anyway. No sane lawmaker would actually be like, yeah, we'll pass a law making it illegal to refer to a male as a male and actually gives armed agents of the state the ability to enforce this rule on pain of death. But that is where we are in 2017.
Straight men are now told that it’s “transphobic” to prefer their women penis-free. The tranny argument is “If I think I’m a woman, you need to see me as one, even if I have a wiener.” Straight men are no longer allowed to find penises sexually unattractive, because trans activism is about changing human nature itself. It’s nothing more than the newest iteration of the New Soviet Man, that 20th-century fallacy in which communist ideologues claimed that with enough reeducation and coercion, mankind could overcome every natural instinct the state considered counterrevolutionary.
And now we get to where I part with the writer:
With the gay marriage issue, wherever you stand on it, the fact is it really doesn’t affect non-gays. Oh sure, Christian conservatives and “traditionalists” will make the “slippery slope” argument (“If you allow gays to wed, it might not impact your life immediately, but over time it will erode the moral fabric of our nation and one day a satanist cannibal will eat your sister”), and there have indeed been individual cases of compulsion involving wedding cakes, but still, it’s just a fact: Two men in Miami tying the knot has absolutely zero bearing on my life or yours.
See this author, like many fail to understand how the tranny situation came about. See the same social rules that kept homosexuals in check, kept the other parts of the coalition in check. Once you compromised with one part of the clique you compromised with the entire clique. Furthermore; this guy fails to understand how these people operate. This concept isn't original with me but I'll repeat it here.

What these organizations do is take a step that alarms the public. The public gets alarmed and the organization stops and waits for the population to calm down. Once that happens they push again. Rinse and repeat. Each time the excuse is, well it doesn't affect you directly so what's your problem? Slowly but surely the inches add up and the public has been thoroughly infiltrated or changed and it's essentially too late to go back because going back requires quick and sharp changes that very few people have the stomach to do (see illegal immigration).

This is why the successful movements don't go full revolution, they go reform. Each reform adds up and in the end you get the same end as the revolution. So yeah, the guy getting married in Miami absolutely affects you. Because once one state has legal homosexual marriage, then the other states have to deal with it in the form of discrimination lawsuits. Then the schools get pressured to represent "all families" and so now your kid or grandkid is taught about "my two dads" and there's nothing you can do about it except spend massive amount of your net worth on private school or the home schooling. Then even though the constitution clearly states that your religious beliefs and exercise thereof cannot be abridged by the state, the state will shut down your business cause you want no parts of a homosexual wedding.

Therefore knowing that there are long term domino effects to caving to homosexuals, it is the height of short sightedness and non-consideration of one's posterity to act like just because a wedding in Miami doesn't actually affect your life, that it won't affect those that come after you.

So yeah, the current tranny situation is a direct result of caving on gay marriage. Cause and effect.


"General McMaster and I are working very well together,” Trump said in a statement emailed to the New York Times. “He is a good man and very pro-Israel. I am grateful for the work he continues to do serving our country.”

I've said this of the left and right, Why do they have to kiss up to Israel? Do we run our government for the benefit of American citizens or for the benefit of Israel?

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The Growing Lefty Censorship Movement

Having lost what little decency the left had left, when Trump won the election the [tech] powers that be decided that free speech and free expression of ideas (that don't directly incite violence) could no longer be accepted. In fact, the left made a great leap into censorship when it came to the subject of illegal immigration and the fake refugee conspiracy being used to ethnically cleanse various European nation states. And that's what it is: ethnic cleansing of Europe. Google/Youtube has just raised the ante on this behavior:
Today, YouTube clarified how it plans to handle videos that don’t violate any of its policies but still contain offensive religious and supremacist content: hide them and make sure they can’t make any money.
In essence YouTube is saying that any speech it doesn't agree with is subject to censorship. I con't care what they call it, it is censorship. I cannot see how Youtube can legally restrict a user video if it violates no terms of service. What is needed here is a law firm to take all of these companies to court and to ask for business ending awards. Yes, business ending. Remember what happened in 2008 when Lehman Brothers was allowed to go under? Yeah, We need a decision that hurts Google/YouTube so badly that it has to shut down operations.

This is what is missing today. Stone cold, law enforcement. You have mayors and governors talking about being sanctuary cities and using tax funds to help illegal aliens. All of which is against clearly written law. The US has become one great big scofflaw nation. People simply expect that "the little people" or "those people over there' have to follow the rules and the rest can observe that which they feel are "just". "Just" being whatever the overton window is open to at the moment.

YouTube also announced today that it has added to the list of NGOs it is working with to help determine what content should be hidden. These organizations include the No Hate Speech Movement, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, and the Anti-Defamation League, which recently drew the ire of far-right outlets and pundits by publishing a list of alt right and “alt lite” personas.
YouTube (and Twitter) is full of lefty organizations that not only engage in "hate speech" but many times call for outright violence against those they consider "right wing". Yet there are absolutely no consequences.