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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Moment You Realize Liberals Have More In Common With ISIS

< I saw a lot of stuff from the right that I considered even racist when Obama was running and elected. But the things I have witnessed from the time Trump announced until yesterday I never thought possible. But now I completely understand just where liberals stand.

I'm all for free speech and actually don't think the secret service should be involved. But for any patriotic citizenry that respects the office of president, Griffith should be a complete persona non-gratis anywhere she attempts to be that is not her private property.

And not only because of the disrespect of the sitting president. No, the raising of the head in the style of ISIS, who have killed people and shown their heads in the same manner, is an insult to all civilized people and victims of ISIS.

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Teachers Leave Because...?

A tale of narrative collapse within a single article. First we have the bait:
Nearly 200 teachers have quit their jobs in D.C. Public Schools since the school year began, forcing principals to scramble to cover their classes with substitutes and depriving many students of quality instruction in critical subjects.
See the teachers are quitting and depriving the students of quality instruction. See the setup. See the first thing I asked is: Why would a teacher up and quit in the middle of a school year? Of all the times that is the worst. There must be something very wrong going on to cause them to make such a decision. Well, 16 paragraphs later you find the reason:
Several former Ballou teachers told The Post they did not want to leave mid-year and felt bad about the consequences for students. But they said a number of problems drove them to leave,from student behavior and attendance issues to their own perception of a ack of support from the administration. They also raised questions about evaluations. Some veterans said that in previous years they had received high marks from administrators, but this year they were given what they believe are arbitrarily low evaluation scores. [my underlines]
So we have a trifecta of issues: If teachers are leaving in the middle of the school year then these three problems must REALLY be a problem. And if these three problems are THAT bad then who or WHAT is really "depriving many students of quality instruction"? Could the case really be that the student [mis]behavior, poor attendance and silly lefty "disciplinary" policies the real reason for that. I mean if you were subject to this:

How long would you stay?

Right. Carrying on:

Langford said she asked administrators for help with behavior problems in her classroom — but didn’t get it.

Her classes were large. One had more than 33 students. She said the students were very far behind and lacked the foundation needed to be successful.

“A lot of them felt really discouraged about math and used other methods to lash out,” Langford said. “I couldn’t address those problems they were having on my own.”

So again. It's not the teacher's fault. The students are out of control and the administration is too worried about being called racist. The students are ill-prepared many because they were socially promoted or given sympathy grades.
Langford said she threatened to quit two months into the school year but was hopeful she would get support to manage her classroom. She said nothing changed. In January, she decided to quit.
See, colleges can sell all the utopia bullshit they want to their naive students. They can call people like me "sellout" and "uncle tom" all they want, but when people are hit with reality it comes reallllllllll quick. 2 months and she was "fin to leave".
Ballou has about 930 students, and all qualify for free or reduced-price lunch because they live in poverty. Many come from homes where their parents didn’t go to college. The school ranks among the city’s lowest-performing high schools on core measures. Its graduation rate in the last school year, 57 percent, was second-lowest among regular high schools in the DCPS system.
Let me say this, parents not having gone to college is not an excuse. It is about expectations. Period.
“Students simply roam the halls because they know that there is no one present in their assigned classroom to provide them with an education,” Brokenborough said. “Many of them have simply lost hope.”
I call bullshit. I bet a lot of these students were roaming the halls when the teachers were there. Besides why are students roaming the hall? When I was in high school one could not be in the hall while class was in session without a hall pass.

This also shows how unprepared these students are for college. Why not still go to class and, I don't know, study the material you have to cover? What, you only study if you have too? Oh OK.

Iyonna Jones, an 18-year-old senior, said in one of the letters that security guards tell the students lingering in hallways to go to class, but she has a substitute teacher in her math class and doesn’t feel she is getting the instruction she needs.
Let me share a story. In jr high school we had a substitute teacher who basically tried the take attendance and do nothing tactic. We took it for about a week. Then we complained to the higher ups. We actually demanded that she teach us out material or they find someone who would. She was replaced shortly. Yes, she was a bad sub. They exist. But students (and parents) can and should do more. But if a class is unmanageable due to ill behavior, you cannot blame the teacher.

Who's Jobs?

So I was reading about the guy in Portland who stabbed up a two men who objected to the verbal harassment of two Muslims on a train. The article showed that he was a Bernie Sanders supporter and has images of many of his Facebook posts. I want to discuss one of them:

That last one: give people back their jobs. "Their jobs". As if employees somehow own the jobs for which they were employed to do. No. A person owns their labour as it is the production of their bodies. Since slavery is not legal, no one can be compelled to give away their bodies and therefore their labour (with due recognition of 13th amendment exceptions). That is all a person owns. Said person can choose to sell his labour to other persons. Said person can decide to sell the product of their labour (goods) to other persons. Said person, if they have enough capital may decide to labour for themselves to increase that capital (ie: advantaged gambling). A lot of people do not understand that the entity that "owns" a job is a business. I will refer the reader to Rich Dad Poor Dad where the author shows that an employee is one who "has a job" and a self-employed person who "owns a job". The image above imagines that most Americans are self-employed and "own" a job when they actually just "have a job". That is, they are selling their labour for a wage. When the wage-giver no longer needs the labour, they can end the job. After all THEY own it.

This is, of course, a relatively new thing. Before mass industrialization, the vast majority of people were owners of their jobs. Most people engaged in farming or some skilled trade such as iron working and carpentry. In a more modern America you got people such as electricians, mechanics, and the like. But as industrialization swept the western world people shifted from self-employment (owning their jobs) to working for some corporation.

With the rise of automation, many people are slowly waking up to the fact that they do not own jobs. A machine can do your job and doesn't require a salary or any benefits. As machines get better and better, more humans will find themselves displaced from the labour market. And please understand that "labour market" means a [super]market where people offer their labour, people are NOT offering jobs because they do not own a job.

This is why it is misguided to hate on "rich" people. You'll note that many governments that "nationalized" businesses in the name of "owning the means of production" thought they owned some magic "job". Then later when the business fails, the people riot. Why? because the govt. didn't create the job.

The rich create businesses. More accurately they create systems. The business is a physical manifestation of said system. The system requires x amount of labour (the jobs). So jobs are a product of the system. Too many people think that jobs just magically appear on the internet job sites. No, they are the product of someone taking a significant risk to finance a system. If a system can run without the creation of "jobs", it will not produce any. You may want to sell your labour to said system, but no system is required to hire you.

To repeat: You do not own a job. It is not "yours".

This is why though I sympathize with the $15/hour movement, I see it as a long term loser. All this does for the long term is lead the actual job owners to seek to lower the cost of the "jobs". Companies are already responding to these pressures and it will only accelerate.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Stop Rolling Over For The Islamic Bully

Let me tell you a story from my past life:

I used to have a nasty, snap of the finger temper. At some point around age 9 something in my head clicked and it stopped. Mind you I still have a temper, it simply is not hair trigger anymore. Due to this change in behavior I began to tolerate a lot of shit. A lot. This peaked in high school where I became a regular victim of bullying in the school cafeteria.

No, this is not a woe is me story.

I dreaded going to the cafeteria and not just because of the food. Every day I would have food thrown at me. Beef patties, milk in and out of their cartons, Pizza and the occasional fruit. All sat through this and took it for months. Violence was "wrong" and I didn't want to risk my education (and my life) getting into it. Besides there were 3 or 4 of them and one of me. So I just kept my head low and hoped that that they would get bored.

On occasion I would go to the library, partially because there was a girl in there I liked very much but was too chicken shit to speak to (a whole other story but being scared in one part of your life usually shows up in others. Just saying). But I still had to go to the cafeteria. And then it happened. The one beef patty too much flew through the air and hit me.

That was the day I stood up, went over to my tormentors and let them know that someone was going to get dead the next time such an event happened. And believe me, this wasn't a suggestion. At that point I was actually prepared to put someone permanently into the ground the next time this happened.

I don't know whether it was the look in my eye or what but after that there was no more food throwing. A lot of other bullshit stopped too. Oh and I finally spoke to the cute girl on the library.

Here's the point. Muslims in Europe are the food throwers of this story. So long as they are tolerated, they will continue to behave in the way that they are. The only thing that will stop them is the very real guarantee of overwhelming violence in return for any more "activities". This is the only thing bullies understand. Either you are a compliant/easy mark or you are something or someone to be avoided at all costs. Right now Europe is the easy and compliant mark. They are doing everything wrong. They are Sharia compliant.

They harass their citizens when they speak out asking for the state to do it's job. They jail citizens who speak ill of Islam. They censor their own people and culture so that the bully may rape their children, take over ever increasing areas of their lands and threaten their very way of life. Citizens in the UK must now tolerate the Army wandering around their neighborhoods because "diversity" and "terrorism" is something they must accept in "modern" England.

When foodstuffs were being thrown at me for months on end, not a single person lifted a finger to help me. Nobody stood up for me. I was the loser who was laughed at for allowing myself to be a victim. This is what is happening around the world. the UK (and indeed much of western Europe) is the laughing stock of the Islamic world. Why? Because no self respecting Muslim would allow what is happening to the English to happen to their people why a foreign agent.

It is not to late for the UK (and France) to do what is necessary but the longer they wait, the longer they continue to roll over for the Islamic bully, the harder the solutions become to execute.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Lesson In HBD

So yesterday I posted a little image about loser mentalities that included a photo of Usain Bolt murdering the 100 meters.

This picture is a reminder of how people do not understand (h)uman (b)io (d)iversity. Here we have a picture of the fastest [known] humans in the entire world and what do we see:

1) There are no women. This is not to knock female athletes. But the fact that none of the fastest humans on earth are female tells you that there is a fundamental biological difference between men/males and women/females. This very fact is why so called "transgenderism" is a fraud. Full stop.

2) There is no one who is not black. In particular not descended from West African stock. Yes there have been a few non-blacks in Olympic finals but that is a rare event.

3) Even among the elites of the elites, Usain Bolt is in a league of his own. Understand that he is not even TRYING at the end. He could have made a better time. I want to spend time here because this point is important. As certain people of certain political bents like to say, we are 99.99 (actually 97) percent alike genetically (Europeans have a relatively large amount of neanderthal DNA that is not present in [unmixed] African populations. For the sake of argument lets go with the 99%. That itty bitty difference in genes that the group of finalists in the picture have puts them at the far right of the distribution curve for speed. Bolt has that extra itty, bitty, infinitely small genetic variation that puts him far to the right of the rightmost of that right group.

It could be just a different encode of his fast twitch muscles. It could be a combination of fast twitch muscles and leg length encoding. I don't know but whatever it is it is variation on an already "winning" variation shared by all the runners. Here's the thing. If such a small amount of difference can have such a profound different at the most elite of the elite, imagine the difference between these "apex runners" and the ones who are "better than average" but failed to make the cut.

Question: Is there anything that the group that failed to make the cut, could do that would make it so that they can keep up with Bolt?

Question: If not, is there anything that those who failed the cut could do to keep up with these finalists?

Of course the answer is "nothing". Those who failed the cut will never be as good as these apex runners. No amount of nutrition. No amount of training. They will never become the apex runners.

Now lets talk human intelligence. the brain is subject to the same genetic pressures and expression as any other human characteristic. The merely average will NEVER be as smart as the most intelligent. It cannot happen. Certainly improvements can be made but they will never be parity. The elite group will continue to outpace, out produce, out perform the merely average.

Monday, May 22, 2017

A Lie Will Be The Truth

See, when I saw the headline, I was like, surgery to confirm one is a man (or woman)? Then I read the first paragraph and saw the trick.

I refuse to even use the phrase.

We Shame Ourselves

While groups of black folks push to have confederate monuments taken down and flags removed as if somehow these totems of history will magically result in things like say improved academic performance the joke is apparently on us:
A Project Baltimore investigation has found five Baltimore City high schools and one middle school do not have a single student proficient in the state tested subjects of math and English.
Lets stop here for a moment.


Just how do you have a school in which none of the students are proficient in their native language? And yes, English is the native language of what James Baldwin called the American creation: The Negro AKA: African-Americans. We're not talking pre-K. We're not even talking elementary school. We're talking high schools. How do you reach high school and not have ONE STUDENT proficient in their native language.


But Freddie Gray though.

Despite his tremendous loss, Warren is set to graduate this year from Frederick Douglass High School. It’s a school where only half the students graduate and just a few dozen will go to college. Last year, not one student scored proficient in any state testing. [my underlines]
Lets ignore the graduation rate. While black folks and their white liberal supporters are making a big deal about taking down "white supremacist" pieces of granite, limestone and marble. Schools named after great black abolitionists are producing students that don't have a single student that is proficient in their native language. The joke is on us.
“That’s absurd to me. That’s absurd to me,” says Warren’s mother Janel Nelson. “That’s your teachers report card, ultimately.”
No. It's the parents report card. That's the so called black leadership's report card.

But Freddie Gray though.

Project Baltimore found Frederick Douglass is not alone. Four other city high schools and one middle school also have zero students proficient.
The schools are:

Booker T. Washington Middle School
Frederick Douglass High School
Achievement Academy at Harbor City
New Era Academy
Excel Academy at Francis M. Wood High
New Hope Academy

There is now a statue of Robert E. Lee in a junk yard and two schools named after "great black leaders" producing students who cannot pass a state exam. If the reality of this situation doesn't stand out at you, I don't know what to say.
High school students are tested by the state in math and English. Their scores place them in one of five categories – a four or five is considered proficient and one through three are not. At Frederick Douglass, 185 students took the state math test last year and 89 percent fell into the lowest level. Just one student approached expectations and scored a three.
Not only did nearly 9/10ths of the students not make it to proficient, they weren't even borderline.

Freddie Gray though.

Warren told FOX45, he believes zero students are proficient at Frederick Douglass, because the state tests are more advanced than what the students are learning in class.
Per my last post

Loser Mentalities

Inspired by true events
Not to alarm you, but statistically speaking you are the problem. Your very presence. I can’t tell you what is the best strategy for you to stop blocking my path. I can just ask that you please get out of my way.
Loser. Mentality.

Oh by the way there is a place where white men "get out the way". It's called an HBCU. Work for one.

Monday, May 15, 2017

And Now We Destroy The Poverty Argument

The Poverty argument is as follows:

It is poverty that fuels gun crimes in black communities, not race. Therefore if you reduce poverty you reduce (or end) gun violence.

Now lets see how false this argument is and destroy it once and for all. And remember: I am not saying it, EXPERTS are saying it:

The overall rate of firearm assault was 5.0 times higher (95% confidence interval [CI] = 4.5, 5.6) for Black people compared with White people. Firearm assault rates were higher among Black people across all victim residence incomes. Relative risk of firearm assault reached 15.8 times higher (95% CI = 10.7, 23.2) for Black residents in the highest-income block groups when compared with high-income White individuals. Firearm assault events tended to occur in low-income areas and were concentrated in several “hot spot” locations with high proportions of Black residents.[My underlines]
So let us clearly understand the underlined portions:

Regardless of income black people commit more gun crimes than white people do.

In case you think we didn't read that correctly:

Absolute rates for firearm violence decreased to near zero for White populations residing in the highest-income areas. Across all income levels, however, firearm assault rates remained higher in Blacks.
Though white gun victimization (and criminal acts) go to near zero for whites as they climb the income ladder, Black people STILL exhibit high levels (relatively speaking) of gun victimization AND criminal activity. Still not understanding?
Black residents of block groups with incomes greater than $60 000 per year had firearm assault rates similar to those of White residents of areas with incomes between $20 001 and $30 000.
So called "middle class blacks" have higher rates of gun violence victimization (and perpetration) than poverty struck white people.

It is Clear as a bright sunny day then, that ANYONE arguing that black gun violence is the result of poverty is a liar and a fraud.

n fact, Black residents of the city’s wealthiest block groups had the highest relative risk of firearm injury when compared with White residents. Therefore, unlike previous research in Chicago, race does not appear to be a surrogate for economic status in determining violent firearm injury risk in Philadelphia.3 Rather, our findings echo those of Kalesan et al.,5 who found that nationally, Black children were more likely than White children to be hospitalized with firearm injury regardless of neighborhood income level.[my underlines]
I would suggest that the Chicago data is WRONG and needs a revisit.

As I have said here repeatedly. Black Lives Matter is a fraud. White liberals who are pushing these theories are frauds who are literally getting black people killed.

White Liberals Keep Lying to Black People

I don't know how long it's going to take before the majority of black people understand that white liberals don't really care about them. White liberals use black people in order to pursue their own society destructive programs. Part of this is to re-enforce flat out myths about Black people. Here's one from Gizmodo:
When Ta-Nehisi Coates and Yona Harvey’s Black Panther & The Crew launched earlier this year, it proved that big publishers like Marvel can, in fact, still tell timely stories about real world issues, like how police brutality devastates black communities.
Police brutality devastates black communities? Really?
verb (used with object), devastated, devastating.
1. to lay waste; render desolate:
The invaders devastated the city.
Synonyms: destroy, sack, despoil, raze, ruin, level.
Antonyms: create, erect, develop.
2. to overwhelm.
. Police brutality is "overwhelming" black communities? Police brutality is laying waste to black communities? What kind of alternate reality does one have to live in to even think this to be the case, when overwhelming evidence to the contrary exists?

Does Gizmodo think that the spike in murders in Baltimore are the doing of police?

Through the first four months of 2017, Baltimore has experienced its highest murder rate in recorded history — and now federal officials are sending in some help...

There have been 108 homicides so far this year; last weekend saw five people killed. The only year that saw more homicides at this point in the year was 1993, when 110 people had been killed through the end of April. The city went on to record 353 homicides that year, the most in the city's history.

So who exactly is "devastating' black communities?

What about Chicago? Check this comment:

Chicago’s murder rate is high, and it has risen significantly in the last two years. But the recent rate of killings is not unprecedented: During the mid-1990s, Chicago experienced a higher toll of murders than it did in 2016.
Oh, it's bad, but not THAT bad. It's been worse so lets break out the bubbly and mock Donald Trump.

I mean really, it takes either a special kind of stupid to say that it is the POLICE who are causing "devastating" problems in black communities, or it takes a well planned organizational push to continuously put out fake news "on behalf of" black people.

So how many more black people have to be killed by liberal policy makers and the media before we, well the rest of us, wake up to the big BLM con?

The Flying Toilets of Kibera

I wrote about these some time ago. Back then there were only photos. Here is a video on the subject:

Link in case the video doesn't load here: What I was unaware of was the "water cartels" and the garden hoses being used as pipes.

Yes, garden hose.

Oh and right next door?

Look. I don't have a problem with golf courses. Don't have a problem with nice homes. I do have a problem with lack of running water and sanitation right next door.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Comey Put To Pasture

The sudden firing of Comey yesterday is yet another example of the "shock and awe of masculine leadership" that I discussed in an earlier entry:
This has had the effect of shocking the public because they have been used to cucked "leadership" that put's its fingers in the wind to find out which way to go. It will be but a short amount of time before mayors and governors, among others realize that they are not dealing with some beta, approval seeking male as president. They are dealing with a stone cold alpha male.
What I found most interesting about this firing, aside from it being a firing, is that unlike many removals by Obama, Comey was not asked to submit his resignation. He was put out. The letter was brief and to the point.

Comey should have seen this coming. That he did not, shows just how comfortable certain types have gotten in government. Comey failed to indict Clinton despite the fact that he had enough evidence to do so. Comey has allowed the investigation into the fake news Russia hacks to go on and on and on, even though he has stated himself that there is no such evidence.

And lets be clear, the evidence is that Russia preferred Trump to Clinton. The evidence is that Russian media decided to be favorable towards Trump which may have included false stories. While people may not like that, it isn't "hacking" and it certainly isn't criminal. American media does enough fake reporting on it's own. There are plenty of "media" on supermarket checkout lines with fake news on celebs and politicians. There is no high ground in electioneering.

And for all the discussion of 'interference" we had ex-president Obama weighing in on the French election on the part of his preferred candidate. Why is a US president making any presentation to foreign citizens on who they should elect to head their country? That is interference and there hasn't been much of a peep from the usual suspects. And this was a direct appeal. Can you imagine Putin making a video to the American people on Nov 7 saying you should vote for [candidate]? No? Exactly.

Democrats are hypocrites par excellence and the country is being shown it.

So for the other people in appointed office let's be clear. You work for the executive. You can be removed for insubordination (Yates) or incompetence (Comey). If you don't like the new boss, bring your resignation letter in the morning.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Kimmel Feels and The Unnatural State Of Being

Kimmel Cried. Obama tweeted. Women and effete men sniffled.

Who could be unmoved by Kimmel's story about his newborn son? And who, WHO could be so cold and heartless as to disagree with Kimmel on "no parent ought..." commentary? Feels for everyone!

Look, this is an unnatural world we live in. Take a look at the Planet Earth documentaries and you will note that there are no "rights" in the natural world. There is live or die. That is all. There is no right to healthcare. There is no right to water. There is no right to shelter or food. Indeed each day may well be your last. This is the world into which homo sapiens sapiens was thrust into. Our ancestors understood this rule quite well. As the apex predator (due to intelligence rather than brute strength) we were able to change our environment in order to survive and "prosper". So long as we were still in that natural world, we had a daily reminder that life is fleeting. Indeed so long as we ate by the fruits of our labour (that being hunting and gathering), it was always abundantly clear that nothing at all was promised to any of us.

Alas we, that is most of us living in high technology societies are very well insulated from the brutal nature of nature. Today we can speak of rights that do not exist anywhere but in our fevered imaginations and wishes. We think water is a right. We do not even stop to consider how the water that we consume is delivered to us. We do not consider the pipes, processing plants, etc. that goes into having that water in our homes. All we want is the water.

This brings us to Kimmel's tears. Is it sad that there are people who cannot afford certain medical care? certainly. Would I or anyone else suddenly afflicted with an illness wish to be cured whether we could pay or not? MOST certainly. To say otherwise would be dishonest. It's always easy to say "no one should have to pay..." When one is not the one doing the paying. You'll note that neither Kimmel or anyone else that is boo-hoo-ing about the state of healthcare is volunteering to pay for the medical attention of the millions of people that cannot afford it. After all, where do you draw the line of "no one should have to?" Why should it be limited to "parents"? Why should it be limited to "children"? The logical end point of the "why should" argument is that everyone and anyone should be able to get whatever it is they want/need regardless of the cost.

No problem then. Who pays for it? Now, I'm on record as thinking that this unnatural society should have a single payer medical insurance policy. Medical bills are paid for by the government and funded by general tax revenue. Anything short of that means that someone, a lot of someones are not going to get care. Period. Why?

Because everyone involved in healthcare has a right to be paid for their efforts. Free to you doesn't mean "without cost". When YOU do not pay for the products and services rendered to you, that cost doesn't magically disappear. Someone is going to pay for it. When the uninsured get treatment at the hospital, the insured pay. You can't be mad about your premiums (within reason) and also desire that everyone get treatment. You didn't think YOUR premium only covered YOU did you?

The doctor(s) get paid. Should they not get paid? The nurses get paid. Should they not get paid? Everyone down the the guy who delivers the toilet paper has to get paid. Trust me, there are a LOT of people on that chain. That nice hospital building has to be maintained by people who are not even medical professionals. They gotta get paid too. The electric company. The gas company. I could go on and on.

Is anyone suggesting that these people be forced to work without compensation? That's slavery. Maybe you think they should be paid less than they are. Who gets to decide what their compensation should be? You? Me? A government body?

A common answer is that the rich should pay. Well, the rich already pay a vast majority of taxes and relative to their population, underuse services. This doesn't include the various charitable contributions, including to hospitals that the rich make. How much more should they pay? Who gets to determine that? You? Me? A government body? And at what point is enough? Should the rich be taxed to the point that they are no longer "rich"?

Also, do most Americans, well hell, those in technologically advanced countries, realize that they ARE the 1% of the 1% of the 1% relative to most of the world's population? You may be making "only" $50k but to a cattle herder in Somaliland, you are Bill Gates rich? Should the cattle herders in Somaliland be able to confiscate your "wealth" and "income"? Why not?

So generally speaking, I'm not disposed to taking anyone who suggests that "no parent should..." until or unless they are willing to put up their own finances to back up their mouths. Jimmy Kimmel can afford a LOT of medical services, he should visit a few California hospital billing centers and start paying bills for people who make less than he does. After all, no one should have to worry about paying...