Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

More Sharpton Analysis

MSNBC has exit polls from the NH caucuses. I perused the stats and found some interesting notes:

1) Though there were no exit pollers, male or female that indicated that they voted for Sharpton, when gender and race were deconstructed 2 non-white males claimed to have voted for Sharpton. So this means that these two people either lied or the pollsters never accounted for the 2 votes.

2)When broken up by age groups, no age group admitted to voting for Sharpton. So again we either have liars or the pollsters simply "goofed."

3) Now even though 2 "non-white" males claimed to vote for Sharpton, when asked thier self designated "race" Sharpton recieved no votes from any category which included "black."

4) These phantom voters also claimed to have earned under $15,000 and $100,000+ in total family income.

5) One of the phantom voters had done some postgraduate study

6) One of these cats, Presumably the one with 15,000 or less income ( my assumption) has served in the military

7) One of these individuals attends Church Weekly. One is Catholic and the other Protestant

8) One believes that the Bush Tax cuts should be repealed across the board

9) One indicated a strong approval for the war. No doubt the person who is in the military. Here's the odd thing. If they agree with the war, and supposably the reasons for the war, then Sharpton is not their man. Why did they even vote for him.

10) One of the people claimed that Taxes was their most important issue.

I contest that this was a phantom voters. or voters who said something in order to throw off pollsters.


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