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Monday, January 19, 2004

King Day Observed

As I said before, today you would find everybody and their mommas talking about King Jr. today. And we know that President Bush went and took a dump on Dr. Kings grave on his real birthday. He was escorted by none other than Coretta. Note to Coretta:

Have you no self dignity? Is the King Center in that much need of finances that you brought this president to defacate on his grave? None could, or should prevent President Bush from visiting King's grave, but you did not have to lend credence to this desecration by being his escort. Last year this president threw his weight behind anti-affirmative action legal proceedings on the official observation of your husband's birthday. Clearly this is not an issue of respect for your husband's legacy. No, I don't expect you, as an executive of the foundation to join the protestors heckling the president. Nor do expect you to "black out" on the president. But you and any staff members could have been conveniently sick,"away on pressing business" or any number of diplomatically correct means of showing your displeasure of Bush activities. That assumes of course that you are still "down with the King."


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