Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Supreme Court upholds Michigan ban on affirmative action

Not shocked in the least bit. I told y'all that once Obama got elected AA would be on it's last legs.

I'll have to come back with a better post, but a quick comment on the report of Sotomayor's dissent:

Justice Sonia Sotomayor delivered a lengthy dissent which she read in court. She said the court had turned its back on earlier rulings that prohibited the states from withdrawing remedies for racial discrimination. The Constitution does not “give the majority free rein to erect selective barriers against racial minorities,” she said. Her opinion cited the steep decline in the percentage of black and Latino students who were admitted to UCLA and UC Berkeley after the passage of California’s Proposition 209.
First and foremost she in entirely wrong in saying that banning AA is a "selective barrier" against racial minorities". Affirmative Action as originally created; not to be mistaken for what it has morphed into: Job hiring plan for [white] women, was a means of increasing access due to past discrimination. Period. It was never meant to be permanent. Secondly what Sotomayor is also saying is that she thinks racial minorities cannot gain access to higher education WITHOUT such programs. Of course that is a lie because Asians (a racial minority by any classification) Get into colleges without much help from Affirmative Action. Asians are in fact over-represented on college campuses (particularly the higher end ones).

So really what Sotomayor is saying is that non-Asian minorities in the US are incapable of gaining admission to colleges and universities based on their own academic performances. THAT is pretty bad to be coming out of the mouth of a Supreme Court judge. As a matter of fact this would be similar to the thinking behind Brown V Board: Black children would feel inferior if they were not seated next to white students. No commentary on whether white students feel inferior in the absence of black students. No commentary on whether Asian students feel inferior with neither black or white students sitting next to them. No. Just the statement that black people by the very absence of white people around them feel inferior and the only way to alleviate this inferiority complex is to seat them next to white folks.

It is absurd. Now lets get to work on the grade school and high schools to make sure black children do not need Affirmative Action to get into their schools of choice. How about they do like the Asian students and kick tail on the standardized tests. Let's have them in the advanced classes. This way when their paper crosses the admissions officer's desk, that person says "Yes please!" rather than "well, is he at least poor and black?"