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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Black Agenda Report Joins The Ghost on the NAACP and Sterling

For us at Black Agenda Report, the most telling angle on the story of Donald Sterling, the racist billionaire owner of the LA Clippers, was that the Los Angeles NAACP , which had been about to give Sterling a second – not a first but a second “Lifetime Achievement Award” eagerly stepped forward to offer redemption and forgiveness for the small cost of a few more strategic donations from the deep pockets of Donald Sterling.
But then again the NAACP was founded by folks with disdain for black folks. Garvey told on the NAACP a long time ago:
The greatest enemies of the Negro are among those who hypocritically profess love and fellowship for him, when, in truth, and deep down in their hearts, they despise and hate him. Pseudo-philanthropists and their organizations are killing the Negro. White men and women of the Moorefield Storey, Joel Spigarn, Julius Rosenwald, Oswald Garrison Villard, Congressman Dyer, [Donald Sterling] and Mary White Ovington Type, in conjunction with the above mentioned agencies, are disarming, dis-visioning, dis-ambitioning and fooling the Negro to death. They teach the Negro to look to the whites in a false the same time distracting the Negro from the real solution and objective of securing nationalism[My insertion of Donald Sterling] Race First pg 274
Two years before this bitter statement Mary White Ovington, chairman of the NAACP's board of directors, had expressed herself privately [Ahem] (perhaps in jest) in a way that seemed to go along with Garvey's accusations. In a letter to Arthor B. Spigarn, at the time an NAACP vice-president, she said, "only black people ought to live in these soft coal cities anyway! My lungs are daily growing as grey as the dingy curtains at my window[My emphasis and commentary] Race First Pg 275
Meanwhile, Negros are lining up to pay Donald Sterling billions in order to make the 80 year old "pay". Says Lebron James: "No matter how much money it costs, we need to get him out of there"

*laughing and shaking my head*

Fat chance you see me paying a racist money to not see him anymore. Really. Fat chance.