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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trayvon Watch 3: RE: Liberals killed Trayvon Martin, and Jamiel Shaw, and…

So one Erik Rush of the Canada Free Press is of the opinion that Trayvon Martin was killed because he wasn't "genial" enough when confronted by an "authority figure".
Trayvon Martin, on the other hand, appears to have been far less genial, and more a victim of his lifestyle than a victim of George Zimmerman. The press narrative spun the picture of a little black waif skipping home with his Sprite and bag of Skittles, only to be ambushed and blown away by a nightstalking, cackling bigot. Though time will tell how it pans out in court, reality tells a different story, one of a thug-in-training for whom being accosted by an authority figure might have presented a welcome and self-affirming confrontation.
If only Trayvon had been more polite to the strange man who was following him in a car and then on foot and then flashed his gun.

I get it.

The victims of 9-11 know all about what happens when you're "genial" to folks who pose a threat to you.

First of all the media has not "pun the picture of a little black waif skipping home with his Sprite and bag of Skittles".

The fact is that "skipping" aside. That is exactly what Trayvon was doing. He was walking home from the store with a Sprite and a bag of Skittles minding his own business. He was not "casing the neighborhood". He was not armed. He was doing what every citizen of the US has a right to do: Walk down the street minding his own business.

As for the "thug-in-training for whom being accosted by an authority figure", this guy can kiss my ass.

First of all. If Zimmerman wanted to present himself as an "authority figure" he could have told Martin he was a part of the neighborhood watch. Perhaps wear a fucking uniform. No. Zimmerman was, in the eyes of Trayvon some creepy white guy who was following him in a vehicle and then on foot. Zimmerman never testified that he presented himself as an "authority figure". Read his numerous commentary and the commentary of his supporters. Never once does he say that he identified himself to Trayvon as an "authority figure". So where is this fellow getting the "authority figure" angle from?

Maybe he thinks that young black men ought to see random white men on the street as having authority over them?

Note to Erik: If you follow me in your vehicle and then on foot, I won't be too "genial" about it either. And I am not a thug.