Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

App Camp For Blacks

Once again the liberal gender parade continues. Lauding the "App Camp for Girls" in an industry where black folks of either gender are few and far between.

Whats' the unemployment rate for blacks in the US? Double digits? What's the unemployment rate of young black men in NYC alone? Over 50% in some areas. What's that "they don't want to go and do the work"? Same shit said about women in tech right?

Yeah, this is me with a smirk on my face as these suddenly "conscious of gender imbalances" don't even touch the companies with a virtual "no blacks allowed" policy when you look at their boards and management. Start ups where there is almost invariably a woman but apparently none of these folks know a black person of any gender they could even think about working with.

Oh and it's the height of fucking irony that the people running this have no black folks. NONE on their team.

Yeah..diversity in action.

Oh and where oh where are the black girls? Look at those pictures folks. Not a single one. I guess they ought to relabel that camp as App Camp for [Not Black] girls.

This is my E-Trade baby shocked face.