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Monday, June 17, 2013

Trayvon Watch 2: The Burden

Writing in WND, Jack Cashill proposed that

When George wrote this he had no idea that a 911 call from a neighbor would record someone desperately yelling “help” or “help me” 14 times in 40 seconds before the screams ended with a gunshot.

As part of its “burden,” the state must prove that Martin was the one yelling for help. The impossibility of that task is just one reason why Robert Zimmerman remains confident.

I do not believe that determining who was crying out for help is a burden on the state. It may work to the defense to have a determination that Zimmerman was the one crying out for help, but it does not help Zimmerman if the state has a lesser included charge of negligent homicide.

This goes back to my Short Story vs. Long Story theory. The prosecution will have to continuously remind the jury that Trayvon was not doing anything illegal. That he had no weapon and posed no threat to anyone.

Assuming that the Trayvon's girlfriend will be able to testify that Trayvon felt endangered by the strange man following him in his car and then on foot, it can be easily established that Trayvon felt endangered by Zimmerman. Furthermore:

“As I looked and tried to find my phone to dial 911,” George continued, “the suspect punched me in the face. I fell backwards onto my back. The suspect got on top of me. I yelled ‘Help’ several times.”

Zimmerman has alaready said that Trayvon "spottted his gun and went for it". Now we see why. Zimmerman flashed his gun when he "tried to find his phone".

So putting ourselves in Trayvon's shoes. Man follows him in car. Man follows him on foot. Man says "I have no problem with you" and then flashes a gun (that would be menacing).

Does it matter who was crying for help when the only person with anm ongoing threat to his life is Trayvon?

I don't think so.

Think of it this way: You don't get to walk into a bank and threaten to rob it and then when one of the customers beats your ass, you shoot him and claim self defense.