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Monday, August 16, 2004

Viva Chavez!!

I'm not sure if that headline is grammatically correct but it appears that Chavez has won the referendum vote in Venezuela that was held yesterday. If you recall the BUsh administration backed the coup that occured in Venezuela that lasted all of two days. This administration that claims to support "Democracy" and "rule of law" and who purportedly went to war in Iraq to "free the people' and rid the world of an ;"evil dictator" found itself [again] on the wrong side of history and true democracy by backing the military coup. And why is it that they detest Chavez so much?

`The Venezuelan people have spoken and the people's voice is the voice of God!'' roared the former paratrooper, who has diverted wealth from oil exports to housing, food and medical care for the poor majority.

He also called for a round of applause for his opponents, a rare conciliatory gesture. But he pledged to intensify his social reforms during a typically fiery, rambling speech.

From the BBC:

Venezuela was polarised by the surprise victory of Mr Chavez - Venezuela's first president from an indigenous heritage - in presidential elections in 1998.

His opponents, who are mostly white, middle-class and control most of the media and business, say he is authoritarian and has managed a rich economy badly.

Despite the country's oil wealth, 80% of Venezuelans are poor but Mr Chavez has won the hearts of many with extensive school and health programmes, analysts say.

How evil of him. Surely it would be preferable that oil profits went to the rich or better yet to the US ( which sometimes is one and the same). Well I hope that Chavez faces no more disruptions to his term in office and I hope the people who have benefited from his policies remember to stay mobilized to make sure they elect an equally responsible sucessor.

Also of interest was that the voting was done via electronic voting machines much like those intended for use in the US in the upcoming election. The opposition is claiming that the machines were rigged and that there was widespread fraud. The international observers have not said anything on these matters but one would think that if there was fraud they would have said so by now. Thing is, if the machines are bad or have been tampered with in such a country, then how does that bode for elections in the US?


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