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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Heeeeey Little Walter

Last week I spied an article by Walter Williams about the evils of socialism. I'll get to that in a minute but first I need to address his latest Conservatives, Liberals and Blacks as published on the Town Hall website.

I have to say that I agree with a few of his points such as:

According to a Washington Times story (July 14, 2004), Democratic hopeful Sen. John Kerry, in a speech about education to a predominantly black audience, said that there are more blacks in prison than in college.

 "That's unacceptable, but it's not their fault," he said. Do you think Kerry would also say that white inmates are faultless? Aside from Kerry being factually wrong about the black prison population vs. the black college population, his vision differs little from one that holds that blacks are a rudderless, victimized people who cannot control their destiny and whose best hope depends upon the benevolence of white people.

Yes Kerry is wrong in general, but it has been demonstrated that is certain geographic locations it is a fact that more black males are in prison than enrolled in undergraduate curriculums of that state. And I agree that if one is going to make such a statement that it be done correctly. I also agree that it is outeright pandering to say that it's not thir fault.

I do however diagree with this point:

On July 23, President Bush gave a speech to the National Urban League. Unlike so many other white politicians speaking before predominantly black audiences, Bush didn't bother to pander and supplicate. He spoke of educational accountability and school choice and condemned high taxes, increased regulation and predatory lawsuits. He defended the institution of marriage. He didn't see blacks as victims in need of a paternalistic government to come to our rescue. He saw blacks needing what every American needs -- an environment where there's rule of law, limited government and equality before the law. The most important question President Bush left with the audience was whether blacks should give the Democratic Party a monopoly over their vote and take their votes for granted.

How anyone who is informed and educated can even think that Bush is for "small government" is beyond me. But Wiliams previous article explains that. But I'll get to that in a minute. The government is currently running a deficit this means it's spending more than it takes in. In the past conservatives have man handled "liberals" over the "tax and spend" programs and ideologies. Yet here is an administration who reduces the government's income AND increases it's spending. The difference is that it spends the money on billion dollar weapon and defence contractors, and others rather than social programs. Bush can't even bring himself to fund his own "no child left behind" program. Earth to Williams. That is not limited government. it's big government. I won't even begin to discuss equality before the law. Does this man really think that a president who signed into law, provisions that make is legal to grab up a person and hold them incommunicado for unspecified amounts of time, without formal charges is for "equality before the law?"

Ultimately Williams has a "wish I was white" complex. We know this because he tells us so.

On occasion, when the question-and-answer session began, I'd tell the press, "You can treat me like a white person. Ask hard, penetrating questions." The remark often brought uncomfortable laughter, but I was dead serious. If there is one general characteristic of white liberals, it's their condescending and demeaning attitude toward blacks.

I mean really.. is that the best he can do? Why not ask to be treated like Dr. Ben Carson or Phillip Emeagwali But I guess to Mr. Williams the only intelligent people worth making into a standard are white. Sad. At least now I know why the press doesn't ask Willy deep questions. He seems incapable of real deep thought.


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