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Monday, August 30, 2004

The RNC or The Terror Convention

I missed much of the DNC 'cause I was in Chicago. The RNC is here in NY and I tell you there is some shady dealings going on here in the US. The Republicans, each and every one that has spoken, that I've caught, has been playing the fear/revenge/faith card. These have to be the most base instincts to push in humans. Fear leads to want of revenge and if you believe that God tell you to do so, you've got the perfect trifecta. This is in contrast to much of the opposition ( I did NOT say Democrats). The opposition deal squarely with higher brain functions. Again, I'm not trying to say that Republicans are not intelligent. Far from it. They have intelligently outmaneuvered the Democrats and other opposition groups. The problem the opposition has is that it does not largely push the "instinct" buttons. It is not instinctional to not fear ( at least not for adults). It is not instinctual to resist the urge to seek revenge, but to think clearly. So the opposition has more work to do because it not only has to convince people to not listen to their instincts, but they also have then convince them of the effectiveness of alternative action. This is why Dean (or Sharpton for that matter) could not be allowed to get the DLC nomination. It's too much work, it is easier to attempt to graft onto the fear plantform. That is what Kerry is trying to do, but he's not as crafty as those in the Republican camp.

Senator Mc Cain, who some democrats think is on there side (put down the crack pipe), just like Kerry justified the invasion of Iraq. And the worst part about it is that there are enough facts out there to show the whole story about Iraq is not as it has been presented and yet and still at least half the US population believes in the story from the Republicans.

Fooliani (Rudy G) Milking 9-11, stated that as long as GW is in office, the "terrorists" will 'hear from us." Well ok, assuming GW does win, he only has another 4 years. Assuming that all terrorists are not killed off in the next 4 years, then what? Another republican president just like Bush? Ok...... Gulianni is milking the terrorism angle like a Dairy farmer.

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