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Monday, August 30, 2004

Cosby Strikes Again

Yesterday on LIke It Is with Gill Noble, Bill Cosby was seen at a Newark Church talking with a number of gang members who had formed a truce. This ofd course does not fit with the image that some black "pundits" painted of a ranting and taving Cosby, who far removed from the people he criticises, does nothing "hands on" to deal with those who he speaks about. He was his usual comic self. Most importantly when he spoke he made it very clear that each of the men involved had made a choice to be at that church, at that program, rather than be wherever else they could have been. He said that ultimately thier lives would come down to the choices they make. So again, the Cosby haters were wrong and most likely, and as usual, they won't be big enough to admit it.

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