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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Not Getting Paid Due To Govt. Shutdown? Blame Dems

I'll keep this brief:

Only a fool. A damn fool did not see the government shutdown coming. Last year when Trump signed the last long term budget that failed to fund "his" wall (millions or people voted for Trump due to his promise of The Wall so it's their wall as well), Trump said that he would never sign another budget like that again.

Democrats crowed about how they didn't give Trump shit and, if I recall correctly, they even poison pilled that budget such that no funds from that budget could be used for a border wall. They were tee hee-ing and guffawing at how The Donald was a shit negotiator and how they rolled him.

Now he's keeping his promise and not signing "anything like that again" and being pilloried for it. If someone tells you they will punch you in the mouth if you "say it again" and you "say it again" and get punched in the mouth do you act surprised? No? You knew the deal and ran your mouth anyway. Same thing applies here. Dems rolled Trump last time. They told their base that The Donald was a paper tiger, or that Mueller would have him out of office and they failed to take the threat seriously and now millions(?) of federal employees are facing economic hardship.

It's very tempting to blame Trump for this. Of course if you are partisan, then Trump is to blame. I'm not partisan. Trump could have done this last time. He compromised, "bigley" last time. Federal employees got paid last year because Trump backed down. By all "fairness" it is the Democrats turn and they are failing. Hence the shutdown.

In the end both parties are dug in. The Democrats have gone all in on obstructing and removing Trump while Trump is appearing to keep both his oath of office (that protect and defend) as well as campaign promises. Any compromise is going to make party bases somewhat unhappy. But that's negotiations. But this all could have been avoided had Democrats taken Trump's statement seriously.