Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Monday, January 28, 2019

Example Kevin Powell

So last week I discussed the events in DC as a reflection of the twisting of Dr. King's vision. In it I mentioned that essentially the tables have been turned where black people have been given much leeway to do things that were considered " racist"done to them. I'm going to give an example of this. Before that though I want to bring the reader's attention to a comment made in an article in City-Journal:
The jurisprudential consequences of believing people merely because of the category into which they fall are obvious; but the radical feminists failed also to notice how auto-dehumanizing and demeaning to their own sex was the demand to believe a woman qua woman, inasmuch as the capacity to lie, dissemble, exaggerate, fantasize, and remember wrongly is inseparable from being fully human.
This also applies to black people. The misunderstood embrace of the idea that one cannot be "racist" without having [supreme] power is just as dehumanizing (and infantilizing) of black people as it is when referring to women. If black people cannot be "racist" then black people are not fully human. If we cannot form and act on the same prejudices that we accuse white people of harboring and acting on then we are not fully human. If we are not fully human then we either believe ourselves to be superior to white people, in which case we believe in black supremacy (evidence notwithstanding) or we believe in black inferiority.

Pick one. Can't have both.

So let's get to Kevin Powell. City Pages has a clear example of how out of control some black people, particularly of the left type, are.

Powell also has a history of violence. He assaulted women in college and once shoved a girlfriend into a bathroom door. Now he’s a sophist of male fragility, and an essential component of his activist repertoire is to engage in public reflection—usually with equal parts self-effacement and self-righteousness—upon this personal shame.
Keep this in mind. Powell makes his living performing and reflecting on his abusive past. He reacted the following:
“You are being a hypocrite. How can you present a message via dance on sexual violence, but knowingly choose to marry an admitted woman beater?!”

It continued: “Kevin Powell admits that he can relapse into violence. Don’t be deceived and trade your safety for someone who can assault you.”

Now how would a man who spends his time allegedly atoning for his past abusive behavior react to this message? Well aside from scouring Google to find the alleged sender and pouncing upon the wrong person, he wrote:
Two weeks later, Powell crafted a blistering 1,200-word open letter response, signed jointly by his wife. It read: “For you, as a so-called progressive White woman, to think it’s okay to send a note like that to a Black woman, about her relationship with her Black husband, speaks to a kind of racist privilege and racist condescension deeply steeped in the history of this country.”

The couple called Sellers sexist for thinking she knew another woman’s journey better than herself and accused her of committing “a form of violence.”

. “We are sharing this response widely, across various communities in Minnesota and nationally because we feel people like you are dangerous.”

Mind you the original letter never mentioned race but here's Powell talking about race? Why? Because he needed it to be about race. This is a disease that afflicts many black people. They cannot imagine life without racism and therefore look for it everywhere. Every negative incident must have a racial angle. Secondly, you'll note how Powell takes it upon himself to instruct the alleged "progressive" white writer on how she can and cannot speak to or about black people. This is a frequent occurrence in "progressive" circles. They deem to tell you what you can and cannot speak on based on genitalia, color, etc. rather than on whether one has actual data to back up what one has to say. It was this attitude that started my long walk away from left ideologies. "Sisters" tell me what I cannot speak upon because I wasn't female. Really?

But fare more telling about this e-mail from Powell was that he wasn't contrite about the actual subject of the letter. You'd think someone who is allegedly atoning for his abusive past would make a point to discuss how he wasn't a threat to his wife and how she (his wife) accepts the "danger" and they have agreed to work together on his issues and that he would hope he can earn the writer's respect.

See, such a comment would have shown a humble Powell who was working on his own demons. Instead, he showed that his need to have power over a person (or people) has simply been transferred from his wife to, apparently, white people at large. The leopard didn't change his spots, he merely changed his dietary choices.

If you read the article you find that Powell had accused the wrong person and caused great harm to his victim. What was his reaction when this was revealed?

“My life is modeled after Gandhi, Dr. King, people who gave their lives to our country. That’s what I do,” he’d say later in defense of his and his wife’s inattention to Sellers’ pleas.

Regardless if we had proof or not, what we do have proof of is the historical reality of being a person of color in America and having people talk to you in any kind of foul way and thinking it’s okay, even in the state of Minnesota that’s supposed to be liberal and progressive.”

There would be no apology. No correction. And no telling who’d received the smear. [my underlines]

Again, this is a common defect of many lefty black people. We excuse our bullshit by talking about being "black in America". Like I said before: let's bring back segregation so that these negroes can know what "being black in America" used to be like. But more disturbing is the total flagrant disregard for the truth.

So Ghandi, well he didn't actually like Africans so..., and King were against facts and truth? Nice to know. In court:

Each laments how the situation has been blown out of proportion. They assert they did nothing wrong; they genuinely thought they had the right April Sellers. They denounce Rohan Preston as more or less an Uncle Tom—a reporter lying to protect his job at a white institution.
Oh, ruin someone's life because you thought they were racist towards you is not a big deal. And the usual "Uncle Tom" accusations.

Sellers’ attorney has only to summarize the basic elements of the case—that Powell and Parker told a lie, that they did it without basic fact-checking, and that the lie had serious consequences. His statement takes about 10 minutes. Powell plugs his ears with his fingers the entire time
How old is Kevin Powell?
Neither apologizes to Sellers.
This is the black left. They don't have to apologize for being wrong. Just move onto the next.
“I also need funds for a possible and absolutely necessary appeal,” he writes. “Here we are in a majority White city and state, Minneapolis, Minnesota, two Black folks from New York City, going up against a White woman with an all-White jury. You can only imagine our trauma around this situation.”
I think we should ask the question. If the Powells are so concerned about being "two black folks from New York City" in a "Majority white city and state", then why did they move to such a location? Seriously. Why not move their black behinds BACK to NYC? Or move to Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, etc.? Because the Powells, like many of their ilk like to live off the fat of well run and maintained white majority locations where they can guilt trip gullible and low self-esteem whites into pandering to them.