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Monday, August 07, 2017

The Google Manifesto: First They Came For Brandon

So over the weekend various left leaning publications were triggered by a fact based memo written by a [currently] anonymous Google employee that discussed diversity and his issues with how Google deals with it. Those right of the current left, meaning anyone from the moderate position on down were alarmed at how such a fact based note could be the source of much venom on the left. I was not one of them because I saw this coming a long time ago.

Brandon Eich, formerly of Mozilla was fired"made to resign" from his job for, wait for it, donating money to a campaign against legalizing homosexual marriage. He did not advertise his opinions on the matter. He did not discriminate, harass or otherwise make the work life of any of the employees under his charge difficult. He maintained a professional attitude at all times (that we know of) and did his honest bit to make Mozilla great. Then he was pressured to resign. I wrote about this back in 2014:

Essentially, under the law, Eich was subject to a hostile work environment by other employees at Mozilla. That is an actionable discrimination claim. The management at Mozilla (meaning HR) did nothing to make it clear to the employees of Mozilla that their actions constituted discrimination and harassment under employment law. I'm not saying that the employees with issues with Eich don't have a right to hold and discuss their positions on Eich's donation.
Since Eich had a clear religious exercise right to support the movement with his money Mozilla was clearly in the wrong. Yet Eich allowed Mozilla to get away with wrongful termination. He should never have "resigned" and should have sued Mozilla into bankruptcy court. But so called conservatives were too busy trying to play the "I'm not a homophobe" card in order to curry (or maintain) favor with the left and allowed this to go unanswered. As I've said before, the bully always tests the victim before escalating. The pimp always tests the "ho" for compliance. Once he knows she can be easily manipulated to do his bidding, she's his to do as he pleases. The moderates and the so called conservatives have been hoed by the left. Everything is now a target. The very same people who will yell at you about the "science" of undeniable man caused climate change, will howl bloody murder if you present statistics and facts about IQ distribution, genetics and other hate statistics like racial crime rates. You know you have it bad when hospitals will leave a newborn's sex blank so they can fill it in later with the "chosen" gender.

One of the reasons this kind of bullshit can happen is because there is actually a two class citizen system in the US. Due to this concept of "protected classes" certain groups of people are subject to discriminatory actions that others are not. This isn't reverse discrimination, it is discrimination. Full stop.

We are seeing this viewpoint discrimination spread like weeds on an unkept lawn. AirB&B is allegedly informing persons attending a "Unite the Right" gathering, that they are not welcome to use their services. Understand that if you object to renting to two men who are going to fuck each other in your house, AirB&B will boot you from their service and you might get sued, but if people are in town to attend a rally AirB&B disagrees with that same property is banned to you. Legally there is nothing that can be done unless a "religious blanket" is used as cover (a lot of organizations do this for this very reason). This needs to change. Either the Feds need to allow all businesses to discriminate on any basis whatsoever or they need to amend the law to prevent AirB&B, Twitter, YouTube, etc from discriminating against any public user that does not violate terms of service and those terms of service cannot include viewpoint discrimination. In other words, Twitter should allow Hebrew Israelites to talk about crackers and white devils all day long and allow Stormfront types to talk the same shit about black people. If not then neither the Hebrew Israelites OR the Stormfront types should be allowed on the platform. And if one is allowed and the other not, then the company should be liable in civil court. Either we all get service or none of us gets service.

But I've gone off the main point. The point here is that this Google event really started back when Mozilla was given a pass. Had Mozilla been sued into bankruptcy as it should have been. Had the EEOC ran in there and fined the hell out of them, Lefty organizations would have been put on notice that workplace discrimination and harassment would not be allowed and the [currently] anonymous Google Manifesto author would not currently be in fear for his job (and I assume it's a him).