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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

UKIP Follow Up

This morning I saw the following in The Guardian:
The number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in Britain has gone down since border controls on them were fully lifted in January, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The first official numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians in the UK workforce undermine predictions that hundreds of thousands would flood into Britain once the doors were fully open to them. One ex-Ukip MEP even claimed 1.5 million would come looking for work....

and Bulgarians nationals working in Britain in March this year – a fall from 125,000 in December, just before the last of the seven-year transitional controls were lifted on the new EU members on 1 January.

This was 19,000 more than in March 2013, showing that the numbers increased by 20% before the controls were lifted. During that time, self-employed migrants and those working for multinational companies were able to come to work in Britain.
Anyone, UKIP member or UKIP opponent who believed or thought that immediately upon the lifting of restrictions, that 1.5 million people would suddenly appear in England is a total idiot.

Total and complete idiot. Failing a catastrophic natural (or unnatural) disaster no such human population shift has EVER occurred.


Barbara Roche of the Migration Matters Trust and a former Labour immigration minister, said: "Today's figures show it would take 90 years for migration from the EU to get near the 26 million figure Ukip have used in their poster campaign."
90 years is just over 2 generations. That is not a long time at all. In fact it is within the lifespan of the far right of the life expectancy bell curve for British white females. Meaning any child born as of today may in fact live long enough to see the change.

Of course the changes predicted by UKIP may never ever happen either.

Note: The Ghost is neither pro or anti UKIP. The Ghost believes the native citizens of any country has the right to decide who may enter and stay and who shan't. And that the first and overriding responsibility of the government is to it's citizens.