Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

David Macaray's Blind Spot

The oft told truism that people usually only care about their own is demonstrated by David Macary's latest piece as found on Counterpunch
Concerned with your “moral character” or sexual proclivities, they can retrace your steps on the Internet. Concerned with your political beliefs, they can find out if you subscribe to any left-wing magazines or belong to any lefty organizations (“Are you now or have you ever been….?”) Access to this information is for sale.[my underlines]
"left-wing magazines".

I suppose David has been living under a rock of late because he apparently hasn't noticed that recently the folks who have been forced out of jobs have not been those who subscribe to "left-wing magazines" but those who have been previously known as "mainstream America" or "Christian right". Whether one agrees with the attitudes of persons' such as Duck Dynasty's Phill; Brendan Eich's political donation; Manny Paquiao's position on homosexuality or Donald Sterling's fear of a HIV positive black penis, or any number of people who have been fired or meted out some other punishment because their personal positions on various subjects offended someone in a "protected class".

All of these persons happen to be politically right of center. While I'm sure David is still harboring fears of Joe McCarthy's power trip, the fact of the matter is that the invasion of privacy and it's use to harass citizens and deny them opportunities is not currently coming from the right, it is coming from the left who conveniently excuse themselves by claiming the moral high ground. That is, their thinking is better than those they oppose and therefore the only one's worth protection.

Remember, rights and protections apply across the board. Once you allow the rights of one group to be trampled on, your own rights become endangered.