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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Another Lesson in the Sequential Equation

I have posted on the Sequential Equation in the past. It was taught to me in 1993 while at Tuskegee University.
+I;S;E;P;M He called this the sequential equation and it reads as such: the positive intellectual transformation of society (+I) stands firmly behind the social trasnformation of society (+S). All social problems are economic (+E) and all economic problems are political (+P) and military aims presuppose politial objectives (+M)
Whenever one tries to skip over the sequence, one gets into trouble. Enter Jackson Ms.
It's hindsight of course, but maybe we should have paid attention to this piece first, and the electoral effort only afterward. Who's to say that if we'd done it that way we would not have been more successful in retaining the mayor's seat.”
Yes. Change the minds. Change the social norms. Address the economic. Then address the political. No mayor can stop any business from running as a co-op. No mayor can stop social transformation of the community. No mayor can stop the intellectual transformation of the population. You start with that which you control. Then organize and push into the political.

Of course this is the lesson from Booker T. Washington and Marcus Garvey. Too many people are busy hating Booker T Washington to understand the foundational truth of his message. And I am certain..99% confident that the person quoted will not have even thought of Booker T. Washington when that statement was made.