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Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

If you're my age, you were in Junior High[ eh correction..grade school] School when Thriller dropped. I saw the video at school. If you lived in NYC, you remember seeing Jackson videos on Video Music Box. You know that MJ was a daily staple of MTV.

I remember being in Jamaica W.I. for a summer and the corner bar would rock Billie Jean out the jukebox. You could hear it down the street. Even in the land of Reggae MJ was tops.

You remember Bad dropping when you were in High School.

Can't never be to pro-black to love a MJ track. Not even going to discuss the other stuff.

Apparently MJ went out training for his upcoming tour. Gotta love that. Don't stop 'till you get enough. Lived that.

Live that.