Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Poem For Sonia Sotomayor

Welcome to the big leagues
It's about to go down and I want to know
What will you do?
Will you apologize for statements taken out of context on purpose by those who pretend they can't read?

Will you say that the old wise latina was bitter?
Will that old wise latina become a part of the "Old politics" that we need to move away from even though we never were there?

Who will you throw under the bus?
If they find a pastor of a church you went to who said some truth
found to not be so popular?
perhaps you'll resign and find a more suitable place to worship, where the Amens are quieter and the preaching less controversial.

Perhaps you'll be asked to reject and denounce a Latino or two.
Perhaps denounce Vieques protestors for being a bit too militant.

Will you announce that there is no Latino-America and claim your decisions will help all Americans equally, despite evidence to the contrary.

Will you "tone down" your "Spicy" nature as to come across as different from,
you know, those other latinos.

During confirmation will you
have them put on light makeup, so you don't look too dark?
and get a fresh perm to make sure your hair isn't too curly?

Will you get those "r"'s under control and speak more properly as not to offend the public?
If they call you racist will you deny it and explain away your comments or

Will you call out the associations with pill popping radio hosts, shrill authors and loofa loving show hosts whom your critics regularly hang out with?

I'm just asking 'cause I want to know.
This is the big leagues and,
What will you do?