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Friday, May 29, 2009

Black Man Shot by Police...Again

From the NY Post:

Officer Omar Edwards, 25, married and the father of two small children, was confronting a suspect who was trying to break into his car at about 10:30 p.m., Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Keep that in mind right...

Edwards had gotten off duty from PSA 5 early, at 10 p.m. -- his scheduled quit time was 2:30 a.m. -- and called 911 when he saw Miguel Santiago, who has five prior arrests for drugs, assault and robbery, breaking into his car at 125th Street and Second Avenue, police sources said.

Edwards had pulled his gun on Santiago as they confronted one another on the misty, rain-drenched streets.

At that moment, a sergeant and two officers from the 25th Precinct anti-crime unit rolled up, Kelly said.

A 4½-year veteran jumped out of the car and fired off six shots -- two of which struck Edwards, who wasn't wearing a bulletproof vest because he was off duty, Kelly said.

The officer who fired the gun is white; Edwards was black.

This isn't "Freindly fire" This is "The black guy must be guilty" typical of the Sean Bell killing.


So the three officers who shot at brother man, were also in plain clothes.
which makes the following "interesting":
In one section, titled "confrontation situations," it says that if an off-duty officer is trying to make a arrest and is confronted by an on-duty officer, that the off-duty officer must abandon the arrest effort and comply with the on-duty officer’s orders.

"In such encounters, the actions of the members in the first few seconds are of vital importance," the guide states. "It must be absolutely clear in the minds of all members of the service that in any confrontation, the burden of proving identity rests on the confronted officer, whether on or off duty.

Since everyone is in plainclothes, who in this situation needs to ID themselves? And like I said about the Sean Bell murder, does it not bother the NYPD to be firing guns in places where civilians can get hit. 4 of the 6 shots missed and they were fired up 125th street. They could have hit people. People in cars, etc. What about public safety here?

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