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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why Is This Man Apologizing?

Why is Andrew Meyer apologizing for being tasered by police?

If you haven't seen the video here it is

Indeed, Mr. Meyer penned three separate apologies (available here) as part of a deal to avoid criminal charges, The Gaineseville Sun reports.

The saga ends with Mr. Meyer voluntarily taking an 18-month leave of absence from college and agreeing “to perform certain actions including making a donation to the American Cancer Society or performing community service,” the paper said.

In society, as in life, there are consequences for not following the rules. In this instance, not following the rules has imposed consequences for many people other than myself, people who have seen their school, and perhaps their degree, tarnished in the eyes of others through no fault of their own.

Oh sure there are consequences to not following the rules. No doubt. But, ahem unless that meeting was one of a set of mobsters, the use of potentially lethal force is not what we call an "appropriate response". Yeah the kid was loud. Yes the kid rambled as I've seen many people do in such political question and answer periods. But no one should ever be subjected to a potentially heart stopping attack for simply talking too much.

Oh yeah, and those criminal charges?

Meyer faces charges of interfering with an educational institution function and resisting an officer without violence, both misdemeanors. Meyer previously had been facing charges including resisting arrest with violence, a felony.

Can anyone say malicious prosecution? I've said it half a million times here on this blog. Police or other "authority figures" acting outside the law are no longer covered by the badge. They are no better than a common crook and ought to be treated as such. In any event since John Kerry is on tape stating that he would answer the questions that Andrew was asking then the original charge of "interfering with an educational institution function" is baseless AND therefore the arrest unwarranted and therefore all charges ought to have been dropped. I don't need a lawyer to win this case. He shoulda went to court Pro-se and he would have won.

Police state people. Police state.


Michael Fisher said...

Dang. I had not seen this particular video.

From the reports I heard it was said that the guy had been on the mic forever. His questions were reasonable and the time he spent more than reasonable.

There is no way those cops acted because he "disrupted" the proceedings. That was censorship, pure and simple.

The cops were not qualified to make that censorship decision. It was the guy in the civis next to them.

Who is he?

sondjata said...

I would suppose you mean the person with the name tage around his neck. Probably one of either the secret service that shadow government reps or school security that are also assigned to secure govt. reps.

Cynthia said...

The worst thing to me is that Kerry didn't do a darn thing...

dsekou said...

kerry did do something . he did about as much as he ,or academy award winner and nobel prize winner al gore did , or good old bill and hill did to defend the rights of all those black voters disenfranchised in 2000 and 2004 by bush family election theft .

kerry made a joke .

he said he would answer the guy's question , but since the guy was being arrested and tasered kerry didn't think the kid would be available to swear him in as president .

what a leader !
what a country !

the cops jumped on this kid for asking questions in a so-called 'free society' .

the title of greg palast's book "Armed Madhouse " is so appropriate a description of the Usa.

sondjata said...

D-Sekou!! Long time brother man.