Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I have sat to make this post numerous times but it seems like each time I do so another noose is found hung somewhere or some black person is beat down and called nigger in the process. Now either I am simply not paying enough attention to noose hangings across the country or the news of noose hangings across the country are way underreported or the Jena situation has caused white folk, at least in NYC to boldly go where they usually left in the recesses of their minds.

I have a particular policy in my personal life. I generally do not socialize with white folk. Generally I don't socialize with most people white or not because most times I'm not into small talk, gossip or other inconsequential bull. My time is valuable. My issue with socializing with white folk comes down to my discovery during college that generally white folk are cool with black folk who are clueless. No sooner does a black person gets a clue and speaks up, then the white friends seem to find other black people they feel more comfortable with. Believe you me, white folks love stupid (in terms of white supremacy) negroes. Well a negro by definition is a stupid American invention, just ask James Baldwin. So since I don't like playing stupid, I simply avoid 'em most times.

What is also very important is that I learned pretty early on that white folk who would love nothing but to put a bullet in the back of my head are also employed by the same people who employ me. This particular fact was brought home to me when I started surfing various white supremacist websites. There I saw pictures of pretty ordinary looking citizens doing Hail Hitler salutes and posing with all manner of high and not-so-high powered guns. Male, female, there they were: Student, teacher, IT guy, etc. and all extolling new members (particularly the ones in school) to finish school and get a higher education and buy stock in companies so that they could vote down Affirmative Action policies.

These guardians of the white race want to take back America from what they saw were the Mexicans, Jews and Blacks. At that point it I clearly understood that every white person I worked with was possibly suspect. It may have sounded cynical but given the events of the past few weeks one should give this another thought. Lets take for example the professor at Columbia university. I wonder whether she really is as comfortable in that environment as she probably was before. Honestly how can she know that any one of the people who came up to her and expressed sympathy for her wasn't the one who put the noose on the door in the first place? And if it was a student, who knows how long they've been watching her. Since students are shooting up campuses left right and center how long until this still not found student or one like him or her decides to come to school ready to "kill the nigger?"

In the NYC Parks department we have two black workers who found nooses in their lockers. IN. Wanna bet that case goes unsolved?

And while this isn't a noose incident, that man who was leaning on a car and got beat down while being called "nigger" while his two white "friends" apparently got away without a scratch.

You know when Howard Stern got caught out there with his nappy headed ho's commentary we had no other than Al Roker post on his blog about how he disapproves of such language but you know I'm not feeling these black media people about now. How many nooses need to be hung and how many black folk need to be shot down by police (off or on duty) before one of 'em goes off on camera and says: F**k it! ?

Ok Maybe they won't say that but seriously, how about a public show of "had enough" or "not having it?" People are all over Robin Roberts of GMA fame because of her breast cancer. Fine. I feel for her too. But seriously, no "what the hell is going on?" even from Roberts? C'mon folks are you all that scared to piss off your white bosses that you all have nothing to say?

Speaking of shootings and police misconduct we have students having their wrists damn near broken for dropping cake in school. We have a police officer assaulting a young black girl for breaking curfew, we have a 6 month pregnant mother of two made to lay on the ground.

Where's the Mayor of NYC in all this? Where is his press conference denouncing the shooting and the noose hangings? What is it that people do not understand about this assault on black folk? Where's the supposed "Black" candidate for president? Of that's right, discussing assaults on black people is not OK but the "rights" of illegal immigrants is up for discussion. Got it.

Props to Gil Noble of Like It Is for replaying the interview of that man from Indianapolis who came this close to being killed by lynching.

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