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Monday, October 15, 2007

Dr. Welsing Was Spot On

I often hear from people that the Isis Papers is nonsense and that Dr. Welsing is a looney. I don't often keep company of such folks though. Bad for my mental health. Over the weekend I saw an article in the NY Times entitled: Clinton-Obama Quandary for Many Black Women. There I found the following statement:

Part of being real, said Ms. Vereen, whom everyone calls Miss Clara, is worrying that a black president would not be safe.

“I fear that they just would kill him, that he wouldn’t even have a chance,” she said as she styled a customer’s hair with a curling iron. One way to protect him, she suggested, would be not to vote for him...

Another striking theme that emerged in the interviews was how often these women described an almost maternal concern for Mr. Obama’s safety, which they take seriously by noting that he was given Secret Service protection in May, earlier than any presidential candidate ever except Mrs. Clinton, who already had protection as a former first lady...

This was a topic in Carrie’s Magic Touch. One customer, Maria Hewett, 63, a retired factory worker, told the others she would probably vote for Mr. Obama despite her fear that he could be a target.

These statements reminded me of observations made by Dr. Welsing about black children and how they are raised under the White Supremacy System and Culture. For example in Chapter 6 of said publication, The Politics Behind Black Male Passivity, Effeminization, Bisexuality, and Homosexuality, Dr. Welsing writes:

These weekly insults to Black manhood that we have been programmed to believe are entertainment and not direct racist warfare, further reinforce, perhaps in the unconscious thinking of Black people, a loss of respect for Black manhood while carrying that loss to ever deeper levels. One 12-year-old Black male summed it up in this manner when I questioned him about working hard and studying in school: "No, I do not want to study so I can help black people. If you try to help black people, you will be killed. Look at Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and George Jackson. I don't want to die."

...I have been working with Black mothers of Black male children, attempting to help them rid themselves of the fear their sons and their men dying, which pushes them unconsciously to make babies of their sons and their husbands in an effort to try to protect and defend them.

It is clear that the women interviewed for the article are operating under the expected mode of behavior discussed by Dr. Welsing. No doubt they have also had a hand in raising other black men who are "afraid to die." So when people keep saying that Dr. Welsing is off her rocker, I'll just point to this example, among many, where she is dead on.

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Cynthia said...

Some people don't make sense. Some of us for whatever reason can't think well.

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brightstarr said...

This post is so "on-point!!!" Great post!