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Monday, October 29, 2007

There Shall Be No Religious Tests

And so we have an "Obama Gospel Concert". I'm sure it doesn't trip the "Religious tests" clause in the U.S. Constitution but you know what? It stinks.

As a avid supporter of the separation of religion and the state, the fact that a candidate, any candidate is throwing a Gospel Concert bothers me a great deal. As far as I'm concerned the only religious issue that should be on the table is that the government is out of it. Period. I don't care if Donnie McClurkin is gay, was gay or will be gay again. I could care less about the Bible and who wants to, or doesn't want to read or believe in it. I certainly do not want people voting for the leader of a country based on whether he believes in Jesus, Mohammed, Buddah, Olodumare, Horus, Ausar, Ra, Amen-Ra, Jehovah, Yaweh, Chuckwu, Ganesh, Vishnu, Shiva, the local cow, stork or whatever. The only thing I care about is that the person has enough sense to run the government properly. Period. I only care that the person understands what a nation of laws and not of people means. What equal protection under the law means. That a war with Iran is a bad idea. That the continued war in Iraq needs to end.

All this religious...SHIT... is getting on my last nerve. It is exactly this holier than thou, Follow us or else irrationality and arrogance that caused the founders to separate religion from the state in the first place. It's all getting me to think that the south had it partially right when they imposed literacy tests at the polls. We need to bring that back. Though instead of making it race based, lets make it constitution based. How about we get these religious goof balls to actually prove that they understand what "no religious tests" means. How about the whole "establishment of religion" thing as in all you mofos talking about making the US a Christian government are automatically denied the "right" to vote. It's fair since they apparently don't like the government they live under.

Makes me think of those bumper stickers I see from time to time proclaiming: America. Love it or Leave it. I say. WORD UP!!! How about all those Religious zealots do that. YOu don't like that people have the constitutional right to equal protection> Get the hell out!! You think the government ought to mandate school prayer? Get on the next plane! You can't imagine voting for someone who is a Muslim? We have a plane ticket for you too.

I am seriously, seriously annoyed by this religion and politics thing and wish the candidates would stop the pandering.

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Cynthia said...

I hear you. I guess these people are trying to reach the people where they are. I don't like it.