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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Immigration Again

I thought I'd be done with this topic, until at least the vote was taken, but recent reading has required this post.

See while there is much talk about the US as an immigrant nation and how the US is a colonial state and the motivations of most of the Anglos is "racist" in nature. That's all good and true. However, I was left wondering, What if the situation was reversed? What if Mexico faced the same issue that the US was? Also, what is Mexico? I concentrate on Mexico because any honest person knows that is what this is all about. check it. Mexico was a Spanish Colony. All those Mexicans, speaking Spanish are speaking a colonizers language just as those of us in the US are doing? So on the issue of language, lets' not get into it over which oppressor/colonizer language we should be teaching in school since they are both oppressor languages.

Mexico, at one time included what is now Texas. Back in the day, the Spanish governor of that state tried to get Anglos to move in and build up the state. The Central Mexican government was not too happy about this and sent troops to "Texas" to stop the immigration of Anglos, many of whom were dirt poor. The Mexican government felt that these Anglos were uneducated lowlives who were morally bankrupt and therefore unfit to be in Mexico.

Soon after this, we have the "Remember The Alamo" conflict and the capture of Texas by the US as a slave state.

Now isn't that interesting?

I'm not saying that the US is right on how it's going about it's immigration policy, but I am saying, in part, is that it is pretty disingenious for Mexicans to act like the Mexican government would not do the same thing if faced with the same "problem."

As for the rest of the subject..I'll comment when the final legislation is drafted and something lands on Bush's desk that he approves of.

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