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Monday, February 02, 2004

Impact of Big Media

I wont say much of anything about This article. I think that of all of it the following post is the most important:

As a result, none of the candidates is very well known or very well organized here, and momentum counts for more than any other factor, including candidates' policy positions.

"In my judgment," said John Petrocik, a political scientist at the University of Missouri, "most people will do what the information flow tells them to do. They've been forming their views when television and the newspapers have been dominated by stories about Kerry winning, Dean stumbling and running into money and managerial problems, and the rest not doing much."

So far, the polls suggest that Professor Petrocik is right.

Basically if you'r rich you can afford adverts in big media. If you can afford ads in big media then you can get votes. If big media doesn't care for you, you gets nowhere.


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