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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Cash Money and Voting

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I've been hammering home my voting issues for a wee bit of time now and posting articles that cement my argument that blacks had better wise up and look elsewhere for political influence in America. This article discusses the issue of money and politics.


During the 2003 state election cycle, the 34,321 adult residents of Morristown contributed $410,894 to candidates. That number is more than the sum donated by the 338,415 residents of the 29 New Jersey towns and cities with the highest African-American populations.

( The 138 adult residents -- all but one non-Hispanic whites -- of the Oldwick section of Tewkesbury, one of the wealthiest communities in the state, donated the highest average in the state, $77 in state elections and $1,400 in federal races.

( In the 24 state zip codes with the highest African-American populations, the average state election campaign contribution is less than $1.

( Nine out of 10 ZIP codes where Latinos comprise the majority also gave an average donation of less than $1 to state candidates.

The numbers speak for themselves. A lot of people gave Booker T. Washington grief over his "Atlanta compromise" speech. Booker T. Washington was no fool. He understood America in a way that Dubois could not. We have plenty of talented tenths, we have few economic bases.


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