Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Back on the Block

My My My. Back from my road trip to see that published an email I wrote them regearding Al Sharptons' reported laison with a Republican.

On other news, It seems the crisi in Haiti is reaching a crux. The US State Department is apparantly requesting that Aristide relinquish power in order to diffuse the crisis. A crisis that was manufactured by Agent provocatuers. There was a very brief video clip of one of the "opposition parties" where a white male with excellent english said that his group rejected the peace plan put forth by the US and I believe was agreed to by Aristide. Why is a country with an overwhelmingly black population, is a white male, with perfect english representing "the opposition?"

This is going much like the failed instigate coup in Venezuela against Chavez (Who they are still messing with) and the successful coup in Russia.

With all the looting going on in Haiti, the burning and such, it will be another high burden on the population once this particular event is over, to rebuild. Poverty is a powerful drug.

So apparently, despite being the first black country in the Western Hemisphere to throw off the Yoke of slavery, Haiti is indeed back on the auction block.


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