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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Bright But Lazy Kid In The Class

Reading this NYT article on the Russian Lada made me think of stories we all know of the bright kid in the class who, full of great potential, is satisfied with just doing the minimum required to get by.

It is clear to anyone who pays attention that Russians are not incapable of doing many things. But looking over this story (among others) it is clear that what the Russians really lack is the motivation. The drive to be as great as they could be.

I think this is what probably bothers NATO and the rest so much. Imagine a Russia with the drive of Chinese (similar government structure).

President Vladimir V. Putin has repeatedly said this month that Western sanctions mean Russia has to go it alone. So resurrecting Avtovaz is a parable for changes needed by all Russian manufacturing. It is not quite “As Avtovaz goes, so goes the nation,” but close.
It may turn out that the sanctions on Russia will be the biggest kick in the arse that it needs to stop being the bright but lazy kid in the class.