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Monday, December 08, 2014

Entire Classrooms. Poof! Gone.

I recently rehashed a commentary I made about the staggering loss of life that black on black crime has on the overall population of African-Americans:
I looked at an article on a Boston high school in which the school in question had 1842 students. A 67 person murder rate, over ten years would see 1/3 of the school population disappear. That doesn't include the shooters. If we add the shooters, then over ten years 1340 persons no longer in the population due to being dead or being put in jail for the crime. That would be close to an entire school population gone every 10 years (of course many, if not most murders go unsolved and so the number of shooters do not match the number shot. Also as with other crimes, one person may have killed multiple people. Therefore the math would be off by quite a bit but is still alarming considering that even unfound killers are a drain on the communities they live in). Multiply that by all the mostly black communities spread out across the United States. Every 10 years black folks in America eliminate one school's worth of people in each of their communities.
Now check this article and the associated picture:

Count those crosses. Now read this:

Members of Mount Beulah Missionary Baptist Church placed nearly 140 crosses on the church lawn to honor those killed in the St. Louis area throughout 2014.
Now I cannot say for certain that all of those victims are black. Usually the statistics on homicides are between 80 and 90 percent black victims.
Of the 567 homicides from 2008 to 2011, for which the race of the victim is available in the SLMPD annual reports, 502 are listed as black, while 64 were white. Over that period, 89% of those killed in the city were black. In a city that's very nearly 50/50 black/white, those 64 homicides would give an annual murder rate of ~10/100,000 for white residents and ~78/100,000 black residents.
There were 140 crosses laid out. 80% of 140 is 112. If you have a class of 30 students, then that would be 4 classrooms of black students gone this year.




Poof. Gone.

Would we think it acceptable if someone rolled up into a school and killed an entire classroom of kids?

Would we think it acceptable if someone rolled up into a school and took out 4 classrooms of kids?

But that is exactly what this murder rate is like.

Who's marching over that? Or do you think the police are responsible for all that?