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Friday, December 12, 2014

[Black] Male's Not Working

Since folks are concerned about Ferguson, Mo. Check the map provided by the NYT in relation it's article on men not working:

It would seem that the tract including Ferguson has anywhere between 15 and 45% of males between 25-54 not working. That wide spread is due to the reported margin of error of 15%. This is at a minimum 2.7 times the national unemployment rate and a maximum of 9 times the national unemployment rate. Also of interest is the tract 127000:

81% of males 25-54 not employed? I don't know the geography of that location, so that may be a result of it being a retirement location or something that would depress both the population and the work.

Also you'll note that the places with the highest levels of unemployment among men, particularly in urban areas have high black populations. Where yours truly grew up, there is a 41% unemployment rate among males. It is also MOSTLY(as in 90+%) black.

It also may be the case that where Eric Garner was killed by NYPD, has a 41% unemployment rate for males. You'd think a city with areas with that high an unemployment rate would think differently about how it attacks people selling loosies to make money.