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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Another 9-11 Connection

From a recent article on Counterpunch:
The company’s own web site informs that it has played an important role in the United States’ geopolitical and military strategy in the Middle East:

“Following the 9/11 attacks of 2001 and the subsequent U.S. military actions, DAI was called on to lead a variety of challenging development projects in the midst of the counterinsurgency in Afghanistan, a country where we worked as early as 1977. Similarly, after the United States toppled the Iraqi regime in 2003, DAI won a project to help provide legitimate governance in the country. Other assignments in Iraq covered agriculture.”

It is most interesting that DAI would be in Afghanistan in 1977, way before the Soviet invasion, just when the CIA was arming and training an islamic fundamentalist insurgent force to destabilize the country. [my italicized inner quote]

Who later turned into the Taliban, which would later organize itself enough to fly planes into the WTC sparking a war in the Middle East that has thus far included Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. With "pop up" groups in Nigeria, Somalia and Kenya. Not to mention inspired "lone wolf" killers.

As Commander Lock said in the Matrix Revolutions:

You people can't see but 5 minutes in front of your face.